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This is an anime that is a bunch of fillers, but all the characters are in chibi form.  Some random things happen, from Dodge-balls that are thrown at supersonic speeds, Green talking Ballon animals, an alien that doesn't show emotions playing H-games, an esper wearing a mountain suit, all the way to our beloved Haruhi in a dog suit telling Mikeru to jump through a burning ring of fire just to make Kyon go to sleep.  There are so many random things happening, and the voice acting is phenomenal.  If you enjoy the sight of cute chibi anime characters living life to it's fullest (by Haruhi's standards), you will love this anime.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.9/10 overall
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Kari5 Apr 14, 2010

Wow, a near perfect for a comedy web series? You sure you're not marking too high? :p