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Hello, yes.

Dude, let me tell you all about me :) Because I love sharing info ... PERSONAL INFO .__. 


I'm on DeviantArt as deideiblueeyez
I'm on as deideiblueeyez
I'm on as MissMarionette 
I'm on as Talyn Juice 

 I'm also 19. A Virgo. Lawful Neutral. INTJ. Ravenclaw. 

I am a proud Naruto fan, but I'm not one of those people who will say it has no flaws. It has lots of them, but I just love the characters so much! :O

My most favorite character in the whole wide world comes from Naruto, and it's Deidara :3 And I love the Akatsuki too ^__^ 


Man of Tango
Himegoto Asobi 
Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru 
Lovers Doll
Gingaku Hakase to Marmot
Coponicus no Koykuu
Shingakkou - Noli me Tangere
Pure Blood (Not really yaoi but it has a very endearing bromance at the very least)
Kinpeibai Kinden Honoo no Kuchizuke
Partners (Probably one of the most realistic looks at gay BDSM out there ._. ) 
Anything by Ogawa Chise


I'm not some snooty person who thinks just because Japanese is the "original" language for the anime, the English version can never, ever hold a candle to it. Yeah usually English voice actors are recycled, but... Seriously, there are two voices for every female character in Japanese: Deep, rich, sexy succubus and high-pitched parakeet squawker. NEVER. AGAIN! 

If you look to your right of the screen you'll see an astonishing number of anime under "Won't Watch". I'm VERY picky about the anime I watch, and even anime I end up do liking I don't really finish most of the time. And another reason why it's so high is that I have immediately put "Won't Watch" on all Sports and Mecha anime (except Gurren Lagann), as well as every single Movie or DVD Special for the other anime that I don't want to watch. It adds up, is what I'm saying, LOL


Here, have a gif



My most favorite genres and usually about all I watch are: Seinen, Psychological, Shonen-Ai/Yaoi, Mature, Shojo, and Horror.. It's "scary" I guess, but it's WAY less scary than something live-action. I just can't take it!

I pretty much avoid anything having to do with Sports, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Mecha, and Magical Girl. The other I have not mentioned I either don't care or I haven't seen enough animes with that being the main focus for me to come to a conclusion..

I also hate slow-paced things...I like things to start up pretty quickly, like within the first 3 episodes. First episode gets the show going?  Awesome! 

I also have found that I'm quite entertained by dance, fashion, and cooking - themed manga. Usually the dance manga are yaoi, LOL... Another niche I would say I gravitate towards are ones that involve a girl or guy who summons or catches the eye of a sexy lil' demon or a Satan equivalent. Teehee ^3^



Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Kamisama Kiss
Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne
Space Dandy
It's Your Guys' Fault I'm not Popular!


A Bride's Story
A Cruel God Reigns in Heaven
Annarasumanara (Manwha)
Black Butler
Deadman Wonderland
Drifting Classroom
Food Wars!
Fullmetal Alchemist
Gakuen Alice
Koe no Katachi
Munakata Kyouju Denkikou
Nana to Kaoru
Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de
Paradise Kiss
With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child

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XxFunnYxX says...

Hello, liking your bio so far. :)

You have some similarities between my bio and yours. How are you doing so far?

Feb 20, 2014
Sianeka says...

For about 10 seconds, I thought about being a smartass and titling this comment with Tell Me About Yourself!  Seriously, though, GREAT work on your profile. I really love it.  I'll need to go and improve mine, when I can find some time. (But there's always MORE anime to watch and MORE manga to read, so who has spare time????!!!!)

First up, gonna check out some of the Yaoi you listed. I really, really need to find some decent yaoi - what's not to like about two hot guys getting romantic????  But sadly, most of the titles I've read/seen have been truly Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi (山[場]なし、落ちなし、意味なし) "No peak (climax), no fall (punch line/denouement), no meaning".

LOL Love that you also noticed this: "Seriously, there are two voices for every female character in Japanese: Deep, rich, sexy succubus and high-pitched parakeet squawker." ... and I reallly hate the parakeets.

Another pet peeve is the over-the-top, forced, clichéd "diabolical laugh" that lasts far too long and grates on the ears. Especially female diabolical laughter. Elicits a long groan from me EVERY TIME

Feb 20, 2014
Thrawn says...

Diabolik Lover's ending was so hilariously out of the blue, and yet it hints at the most horrible conclusion outside of her dying an unceremonious brutal death or dare I say... end up as one of Teddie's "playthings". I shudder at such a fate because that bear is the most soulless abomination out of any creature in that house. It's brave to watch something this terrible alone, especially with it's constant one-upitty nature. And did your friend see it to it's unsatisfying, yet miserable conclusion?

It's hard to do worse than this but this is definitely one of the worst adaptations of anything I've seen. How it's still above 1.5 is beyond me.

Feb 11, 2014
Thrawn says...

Diabolik Douchehat's hat was the only thing that wasn't instantly punchable about that smarmy bastard. One-Pants Leg was a total asshole, irregardless of which bro he was and Kimba-the-white-lion-bish, ohhohoho, what a fuckwad! He might have been the last one to tap dat but damn his blackened acursed soul to the deepest pits of Tartarus. If he is someone else, which might be possible, damn him all the same.

God I hated all of them.

You're a good person by spreading the plague about, and did you tell her how it just continued as a downward spiral of hateful douchedom?

Jan 28, 2014
sothis says...

Hi deidei, just a few reminders on things for character submissions - the 'main anime' or main manga is a required field :) also the image size guidelines have changed (and need to be much bigger now), also we haven't been accepting community character descriptions for awhile now due to staffing. Here's the guidelines thread for review:

Dec 9, 2013