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Hello, yes.

Dude, let me tell you all about me. Because I love sharing info ... PERSONAL INFO .__. 

 A Virgo. Lawful Good/Neutral/Evil depending on my mood. Ravenclaw. 

Naruto fan through and through. Feels good, man.

All ratings are 90% personal enjoyment, 10% objective worth for the public. I don't care about how people at large care about a series. If I don't like it, I don't like it. That doesn't mean it will suck for everyone but if it does for me, it simply does for me. Your enjoyment of it shouldn't be threatened because of my ratings.


Brother Auto Spot
Coponicus no Koykuu
Gingaku Hakase to Marmot
Gokudou Darling
Gouin Sakka to Makeinu no Hatsukoi
Himegoto Asobi
J no Subete
Kawaisa Amatte Nanika ga Hyakubai
Kichiku, Encount
Lovers Doll
Man of Tango
Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou
Ou-Sama no Koi Asobi
Pure Blood
Shingakkou - Noli me Tangere
Sora o Daite Oyasumi
Sugar Code
Tiger Man, Rabbit Man
Tourou no Ori
Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru
Anything by Ogawa Chise


I like dubs, mostly. 
I'm not some snooty person who thinks just because Japanese is the "original" language for the anime, the English version can never, ever hold a candle to it. Yeah usually English voice actors are recycled, but... Seriously, there are two voices for every female character in Japanese: Deep, rich, sexy succubus and high-pitched parakeet squawker.

If you look to your right of the screen you'll see an astonishing number of anime under "Won't Watch". I'm VERY picky about the anime I watch. Another reason why it's so high is that I have immediately put "Won't Watch" on all Sports and Mecha anime (except Gurren Lagann), as well as every single Movie or DVD Special for the other anime that I don't want to watch. It adds up, is what I'm saying. Anime I end do end liking are often left unfinished because I binge-watch and then burn out, with a handful of episodes left for me to leave hanging in suspension. I'm the same with TV shows and movies.  


Here, have a gif


My most favorite genres and usually about all I watch are: Seinen, Psychological, Mature, Shonen, Shojo, and Horror..

The very first genres I go to for updates on manga sites are Horror, Seinen, Historical, and Yaoi. There can NEVER be enough Horror manga, NEVER EVER EVER. I also have found that I'm quite entertained by dance, fashion, and cooking - themed manga. 

Least Favorite Tags/Subjects/Tropes: Gender Bender, Board Games, Reincarnation, Sports/Racing, Mechas, Sci-Fi, School Club, Harems, and Ecchi (but it really depends on the series and setting)

I also hate slow-paced things...I like things to start up pretty quickly, like within the first 3 episodes. First episode gets the show going?  Awesome! 



Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
It's Your Guys' Fault I'm not Popular!
Kamisama Kiss
Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne
Space Dandy


A Bride's Story
A Cruel God Reigns in Heaven
Annarasumanara (Manwha)
Black Butler
Deadman Wonderland
Drifting Classroom
Food Wars!
Fullmetal Alchemist
Gakuen Alice
Koe no Katachi
Munakata Kyouju Denkikou
Nana to Kaoru
Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de
Paradise Kiss
With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child

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Sheex says...

Oh, well I like and dislike characters in the context of a series as I am watching, but not in the sense that I view them indepently. I enjoy anime (well, enjoyed is becoming a better word given how little time I have to watch it these days), but I give any series much thought beyond when I'm watching it. Except for Clannad, because Clannad is just ridiculously good and makes you tear up just thinking about it.

Mar 11, 2011
SadisticTendencies says...

It sure was... But it was very good!

Mar 6, 2011
Vinniesama says...

Ah, okay, sorry if I seemed a bit harsh. ^^' I won't psychoanalyse you further, so don't worry. :)

XD Oh, and my friend loves Deidara too. :D My favourite Akatsuki members were Hidan, good Tobi, Kakuzu and Itachi. =)

Mar 5, 2011
Sheex says...

That I do not. When I watch anime (which is rare these days) I generally just watch to be entertained. There's no attachment beyond that, so I don't bother with the like/dislike lists. Am I the first such person you've encountered? =P

Mar 5, 2011
Vinniesama says...

Of course we can be friends. :D Wahoo, England is awesome... even if we don't get halfway near the amount of anime you Americans gets T-T

Big fan of Naruto, eh? :D I stopped reading the manga some time around when Killer Bee entered the picture, but that was more because I started reading something else and forgot where I was on Naruto. xD

Haha, big boobs... ;w; You ought to watch the episode of Hetalia where they introduce Ukraine. Her boobs are so big they make comedy bouncing noises, and she's forever sewing new buttons on her shirts because of them. xD

Also, as an amateur psychologist, I couldn't help but see you mentioned that want to get tested for Aspergers on your profile... I have to tell you that most psychiatrists diagnose autism to fill a quota. Some hacks even do it to give parents an excuse for their kids' bad behaviour. Doesn't matter to them, since they're getting paid through the nose. Aspergers is a lot more than just being a bit of a wallflower/shy and feeling very awkward in social situations. ^^' It would have been picked up on when you were very little. Read The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon. That book's set in the POV of someone with Aspergers, and it's very revealing. ^^' I was tested for Aspergers when I was a kid (I had the whole: 'doesn't talk to others and is incredibly obsessive' traits), and I don't have it. I am just a little bit higher on the autism scale than most, but it doesn't get in the way of my life. :)

Anyway, yeah, sorry for the preaching. It's just that I feel I should warn people that there are some psychiatrists who will wrongly diagnose people for a few green bills. The amount of kids who don't have ADD/ADHD yet have been told they do has shot up because of overly fussy mothers dragging their hyperactive children to psychiatrists and expecting, nay, demanding a diagnosis. ^^ The same thing happens with autism.

Anyway, glad you like my reviews and want to be friends! :D <3

Feb 28, 2011