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The title for this manga, "Fetish", is misleading, to say the least. There are no extreme sex scenes or "fetish-y" images (except for chapter 3, sort of) until the very last chapter.


 I thought that it would be a single volume of various stories with the same cast of characters. I was wrong. Each chapter has its own characters and its own story. I found out after reading half of the chapters that it would end without a really satisfying conclusion. Yes it ENDED, something HAPPENED, but it made you want ask, "is there just ONE MORE PAGE? Please? Just one more?". That seemed to be the theme: just leaving you at a cliffhanger-ending, one page away from being settled. It annoyed me, because I like things to be wrapped up, but I guess the author was going for mystery or something and making you think "what happens next?". But there really wasn't enough information or happenings in some of the short stories (like chapter 4) to help me understand what was happening or who did what. Just nuances, like we as the readers jumped into the very end without any background info. And then all of a sudden, chapter 5 is the whole reason that the manga was named "Fetish". Just out of the blue. You read this and go "this really is just some weird, melancholy-filled, dark, yet-I-don't-care-what-they're-feeling compilation of random short stories" but then you turn to chapter 5 and it all comes around. Such a 180 degree turn, you know.



The art is okay. I saw some warped nipples and hands, and the males had hair like girls, so I became confused at first whenever there was a girl and boy with short hair in the same story, because the boy could easily have passed off as female as well. It's got its dark screentones and blood splatters and sex without it being too graphic. Average but not terribly so.



There are no really developed characters in this. It's made for you to read it and then forget about the characters in the last chapter and focus on the characters in the next chapter. I felt no sympathy or hatred towards any, really. Just apathy. Just puppets for me to watch fill speech bubbles and do various things on paper.



If you want a quick read that has some darkness then read this. Don't be looking for uber-awesomeness, though. This is just one of those things where you'd want something to kill some time with, not uncover a hidden gem. This is average read of darkness, the kind you'd buy out of a barrel of regular old manga that they were having a sale on -- 2 for the price of 1!!!! You'd buy this because, "what the hell.. let's try it and see what happens".

7/10 story
6/10 art
?/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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SadisticTendencies says...

"The title for this manga, "Fetish", is misleading, to say the least. There are no extreme sex scenes or "fetish-y" images (except for chapter 3, sort of) until the very last chapter."

My my, you almost sound disappointed^^

No, seriously though, great review. This seems like one of the typical "obscure Manga" that I'm so fond of reading... though they always end up being perverted... perhaps I should do some research before I read random shit...

Aug 25, 2011