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The Demon Ororon

Feb 20, 2011

Where to begin?

Okay, The Demon Ororon by Hakase Mizuki is a fantasy drama manga. Got that out of the way. It's published by TOKYOPOP so I expected a half-decent storyline, but I'm always disappointed in more ways than one.


First off, the art is below average. The main character, Chiaki, is pretty androgynous. I thought at first it was yaoi until I realized that that they were referring to aforementioned character as a "she" and "her". Ororon is stylish, with his cigarette and black suit and original three moles below his left eye and manners of a suave bachelor; Chiaki and Ororon's relationship is that of eternal friend/soulmate/sort-of-lovers/senior-and-junior flavor to it (yikes a lot of flavors haha) . The other characters are just thrown in there, with not much character development in my opinion. Their problems don't really engage the reader, so the side-stories and attempts at the tiny bit of development their way bores and lulls you to sleep. You don't care. Shut up and get to the OroronxChiaki magic! The battle scenes are downright confusing and cramped to the point of speech bubbles sort of skipping over the lines and merging with the other panels on the same page. I honestly can't keep track of what's happening.  Chiaki is a good "girl" but the fact that she's so tomboyish and that the only way you can tell what gender IT is, is if somebody says "she blah blah blah" and "blah blah her love for Ororon blah blah blah" . It really turns me off. At least in other mangas you get a mixture of girly or boyish attitudes with androgynous characters to give you a hint. No, Chiaki is like a cut-out of a real person, where hobbies and nuances lack. Chiaki reacts to situations like a boy or girl her age with a kind heart would react. She loves Ororon; that one doesn't count. He's delicious enough for a boy to like. I personally have a thing for very thin penned manga that TOKYOPOP seems to love churning out, because it makes it seem so... amateurish, or whatever. The art itself tries to be sexy with the cameo shots and lovey-dovey moments between Chiaki and Ororon, but it doesn't work for me. But the inking is so that you can't see the folds of black clothing. What you think is a blob is really a folded leg. Can you PLEASE put in the folds of the pants so I can see where one article of clothing begins and ends and begins again? PLEASE?! Is that too much to ask? I feel ... soo... confused...what .. is that... a leg? an arm? a friggin feather boa? UNDERWEAR?! I DON'T KNOW DAMNIT!!!

So yeah...


The story is kind of okay. 

Chiaki is a the DAUGHTER (not son, DAUGHTER) of a human woman and a renegade Archangel who fled heaven to have babies with humans, as you do. She picks up a beautiful, injured stranger on the street, who claims to be a demon named Ororon. He grants Chiaki one wish, and she requests that he always by her side. He accepts, to her delite and slight putting-off (wait really? That easy? No way..) and what results is Ororon's little secret-that he is the King of Hell-to catch up on his ass; demons and ghouls are coming out of the fucking ground and appearing out of nowhere to ice his carcass because he's shirked his duties, and because there's a bounty on his head for being a jerk-wad (Kind of like Luffy McMuffin or whatever). A little far-fetched, and the art and characters are bland and should've been up to snuff, but aren't. Well maybe the manga style is YOUR thing, but not mine. (Try to be impartial Talyn, remember to be impartial 0___- ) Anyways... with the cramped art and so-so executing of the story and the acceptance of disasters (SPOILER: Oh these demons came to kill me -one has cat ears yayz!!-and Ororon totally annihilated one and now they wanna stay with me like free-loading boarders.. OKAY ^__^ ) No. No. NO! Sucks to be the reader who has to deal with stupid shit.


Dude this is a 5 or 6 on the Awesomeness scale.. Maybe a 5.5 for the technical people who love to chop up numbers into decimals (you know who you are .___. ) . If you like demon love and whatever, but don't care for real common sense when it comes to the STRUCTURE of manga and prefer scrumping (just made that word up) your way slowly through page after page of a maze of action and love and misunderstanding and plain fail-to-be-really-funny-humor manga, then this is for you.

5/10 story
4/10 art
5/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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