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Onani Master Kurosawa

Onani Master Kurosawa translated to English is: Masturbation Master Kurosawa.

When I learned that I was like, WTF?

But here we go:

Story: 9 out of 10

In a way, Onani Master Kurosawa is a lot like Death Note. If Light Yagami were a super perverted anti-social prick who constantly masturbates with pictures of his hot female classmates in his head.

Kurosawa is a high school teen, and lately he has finally come to terms with his sexuality. His fetish? Masturbating about the girls he finds annoying in the girls' bathroom. But then when his secret is found out, he'll have to do whatever it takes to keep it a secret, including taking orders from a bullied student Kitahara. She wants revenge on the people who make her life miserable, but when will enough be enough?

You see ejaculated semen on the walls, Kurosawa's fantasies along with some fan service and some swearing, but nothing too out-of-control graphic as far as I know.

Art: 7.5 out of 10

The art is normal manga style, but it looks as though someone drew it and didn't ink it. You see the uneven pencil shading with the hair and clothes. Not that that's a bad thing, but inking it would make it easier to focus on, in my opinon.

Characters: 7 out of 10

As I've mentioned above and before, Kurosawa is a pervert. And he's a lot like Light, where he will watch people and monologue his thoughts inside his own head. And most of them aren't nice. He chooses not to be the center of attention, convinced that social interaction is "vulgar", tedious, trivial, etc. For Light Yagami in Death Note, everything he does, says, and thinks basically revolves around the Death Note and the best ways to avoid getting caught killing people with the Death Note by L and the police; in Kurosawa, everything that happens differently from a normal, routine day will get his mind jogging: "Will this affect my 'daily ritual'?" Yes, he calls his daily masturbation in the girls' bathroom his "daily ritual". Wow.

Everything is calculated, it's as if he has no soul or feelings. For example, just the way he says things is quite odd. "On what do you base your conclusion on?" Seriously, who talks like that? Again, he's not a nerd or unpopular, he just chooses not to be in the hubbub, and he's pushed off to the side, which suits him fine.

That bothers me, but what also bothers me is that he seems so bored with everyday life. I'm pretty sure he fits the qualities of slight psychosis, because he doesn't find many things interesting, he views many girls as things for him to aid in his orgasms when he masturbates, he doesn't seem to put any real emotion into what he says or does..rehearsed reactions is what it is. Whatever.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10

If you like Death Note and its inner monologues and plot twists and turns and you're also a slight pervert, then this is for you. Story is good, the sequencing is good, characters are stable. Nice read.

9/10 story
7.5/10 art
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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