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Flowers of Evil

Mar 2, 2013

I began reading this maybe a year and a half ago, stopped because it got boring and then picked it up again, rereading it to refresh my memory. I just finished it and I'm surprised that I dropped it...


Se-Joon (boy) and Seh-Wa (girl) are fraternal twins with a very close relationship. A little..too close. As kids growing up they were inseperable, but in high school Seh-Wa can't shake off her clingy possessiveness of Se-Joon, while the latter has branched off and made guy friends like any normal teenager. Neither have dated, with Seh-Wa's defense being that she only needs her brother to love her to feel happy and Se-Joon...well, with a sister like Seh-Wa, why even bother? 

What transpires is the reveal that Seh-Wa lusts after her older brother (by two minutes), while Se-Joon feels trapped and suffocated by Seh-Wa's neediness. It gets way more complicated than that after a few chapters, with a newly transferred (enrolled? To me it wasn't too clear) boy named Ki Hoon who immediately exhudes a special interest in the twins. One that is ambiguous, manipulative, and almost predatory on the outside, especially his attentions and actions toward Seh-Wa. The rumor is leaked that Se-Joon and Seh-Wa were seen kissing and the mixed feelings of both Seh-Wa and Se-Joon become a rollercoaster ride of self-hatred, jealousy, fear, neediness, denial, and all of that good, dark stuff.


Koreans sure know how to make their boys and girls beautiful. It's way different from Japanese manga in that Korean Manwha takes a more..realistic approach. For me personally, when manga incorporates "beautiful" characters, they are usually seen as sex objects. In manwha, the "beautiful" characters simply are beautiful, like models or angels. Something ethereal that mere mortals can only dream to be touched by..

That was a little odd and poetic...and probably just a bit of a tangent on my views of the two countries' different art forms, but I digress.

The art was good.


Incest is a serious issue, and the characters who engage in it must be multi-faceted and complex characters. The author did a job well done in this area. Se-Joon is portrayed as the victim of circumstance from the outset, prey for his clingy sister, but soon the point of view and realities twist and curve ever-so-slightly, so that instead of feeling sorry for Se-Joon, you hate him along with Seh-Wa, and perhaps pity the latter a little bit more than you did before. Kim Hoon is NOT one of those cheeky, pervy love interests or friend that wants to befriend the twins: At first he comes off as a dude with an agenda, a secret mission that has something to do with the incestuous twins (not that he knows about the two's late night snuggle fests), then it seems like we were wrong and he simply wants to earn Seh-Wa's interest and love...then it seems that he's a predator, and as needy and confused as they are, but for different reasons.


7.5 . This manga doesn't "deal" with a controversial issue like incest, but presents it in a deep, dark forbidden love kind of way, which is a great take on it. The characters are ever shifting psychologically and emotionally so you don't know exactly what's going on in their minds. They could be clingy and depressed, jealous, confused, etc. Drama is subtle but it still makes waves, and the complex, multilayered relationships between Seh-Joon and Seh-Wa are peeled back with each chapter or interaction between the two of them. I recommend this fairly highly.

8/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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