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I really, really, REALLY hope Hell exists...

These people need to die in a fiery pit, PRONTO. Over and over and over and over and ooooover again. Forever. Or at the very least have a slap in the face and a very long time out.

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I would love to have a movie night with these guys

I'd like to have a movie night with these guys. Not ALL at once, unless they make a couch that big :D. I don't even know what we would watch! A few of these characters don't even have TVs or movies...

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Love/Hate Relationship

I hate these characters sometimes, but sometimes I revel in how evil or bad they are. But I still hate what they do. But it's anime, so who's judging me! You?! You don't even know me!!! Ahem.

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Manga for Kids

Manga that's actually age-appropriate for children 9-12. In other words, manga that aren't inappropriate for my little sisters to read in my attempt to convert them into weeaboos.