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I only recently got back into watching anime again. I was spending heaps of money on my other hobbies (computers and wakeboarding) so I wanted to slow down a bit and save some cash. I can buy an entire season of an anime for the same price as 4 hours of fuel in the boat, but anime will keep me entertained for a week (sometimes longer if I'm disciplined about not watching episode back to back).

I also finally set up 5.1 surround in my lounge. Sooo cool.

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New Zealand

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October 30, 2008

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Zoe avatar Zoe


Oct 31, 2008

Hello... -me again...xD- sorry... well... I 'clicked' what you have seen and what you want to watch... If you want to watch The place promised in our early days... I have to recomend you.. -seriosly- 5cm per second and The girl who leapt through the time... (really... I'm not bad to choose...xD) And if you liked Serial Experiments Lain.. try Boogiepop Phantom... and.. Comedy (comedy takes you ten minutes)... And... I don't think that Elfen Lied is good... -don't want to contradict the other users...- but... I really hate Elfen... all the episodies I just wanna kick every character... -except a dog and his owner-

I'm talking or writing to much...xD... And.. please... you should see Evangelion... ALL... trust me...

P.D. I see that everyone -or the most of them... recomend you works from Clamp... I hate that too...xD-


arc666 avatar arc666


Oct 30, 2008

Well death notes really it but more extreme in my oppinion seeing as Light kills who he judges to be evil and Ai kills those who have wronged the people who summon her.

And I thaught the same thing about hell girl because it was slow and repetative then they braught in a reporter and his daughter to try to stop her and it got better.

arc666 avatar arc666


Oct 30, 2008

Welcome...it seems youve already been briefed on everything I was going to suggest ahh well...but I dont think anyone has suggested hellgirl yet so try it..

Razma avatar Razma

Thanks! ^_^

Oct 30, 2008

Yeah its pretty nice here, everyones friendly for the most part, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or whatever. :)

shoahunter avatar shoahunter


Oct 30, 2008

I agree Mnemosyne and Elfen Lied are good animes.

Death Note and Code Geass are great intellectual battle shows and defiantly worth the watch.

Also the most recommended show for Ergo Proxy, in the Anime Recommendation Database, Darker than Black. I thought it was a between decent and good depending on what you have seen so far, you might want to give it a try.

Welcome to Anime PLanet and send any comments as you please. ^_^

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