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Hi! I am a single parent of 5 wonderful children.  Their ages range from 7 to 15 yrs (2010), 4 boys, 1 girl. I have Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and all the health issues that often come calling with these 2 disorders.  The world of anime and manga has given me a common interest with my children and a way of dealing with the pain on a day to day basis.  It has made my life so much more enjoyable and made it possible to have better quality time with my kids.  They love the fact that mum loves anime and manga as much as, if not more than,them.

One of my dreams is to have my own business involving the anime and manga world.  Mostly in the area of buying and selling, both online and in a physical store.  Hopefully that dream won't be too far into the future as I'd like to have my kids involved, a real family store, and my eldest is 15! I want to do it while he's still interested!  There's a real market for it here in Australia.  I mean why not combine the act of supporting the 5 most important people in the world and one of top hobbies?! (that was obviously rhetorical, incase you were wondering)

I don't have one fav genre, I like a lot of various genres, not necessarily all, but quite a few.  I definitely don't know all there is to know, just a bit more than my kids and a lot more than my family and close friends.  I got really into it only a few years ago when the fatigue and hit a real low, I found it helped drown out the pain,etc, by accident one weekend and never looked back.  I live in a small country town in rural Australia and have found difficult to locate the anime I want here in Oz, yes I know about Mad and Borders but they don't stock everything and I'm finding it increasingly frustrating as a fan and a customer.  A local shop owner and fellow anime fan, gets stuff thru Mad for me and lets lay-buy it, he says even he as a business finds hard to get stock except stuff that Mad stocks and that's providing it's not on back-order!  so i decided if I could that I this is one dream I would love to run with and make it a reality!  So who knows what will happen in the hoefully-not too distant future!!! 

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chii Mar 12, 2010

what an awesome bio :D

hope everything goes well and welcome to AP ^_^

Raiven Mar 12, 2010

Welcome to AP! That's so awesome that you're able to sit down and watch Anime with your children. I would love to be able to do that some day when I have kids. I really hope that your dream to have a business focused on Anime will come true!