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May 3, 2010

heroman is a story about a boy that finds a toy in the trash, puts it back together, gets hit by lightning and creates the ultimate superhero... that would be enough long of a sentence to describe this series but there are some details that i believe are worth mentioning

Story 9/10

the story itself is very self explanatory, theres no deep meaning behind the characters actions and intentions, the bad guys are bad because they want to be bad and the good guys are good cuz they dont have any other option xD. The story is very well paced, theres no dragging it and its simple enough to be able to just sit back and relax without giving too much thought as to what you are watching.

Animation 9/10

i would have given it a 10 because of how well and beautifully the american community/environment is portrayed  but the fight scenes can be rather dull and predictable sometimes which made me drop a grade.

Sound 7/10

this was my major letdown of this series, the main characters voice constantly annoys me to the point where i have to take a break 1/2 way every episode, also yelling for no reason on every attack which is acceptable on series such as dragon ball beacuse they are casting a superpower not pressing goddamn button. Also the opening song sound a lot like a rip off of dragon ball kai which also sounds like a rip off of dragon ball Gt xD so it is definetly not very original. the only thing i could say is remediable is the ending song which i actually kinda like also another plus would be the sound effect that are spot on and do match the scene.

Characters 6/10

What character...? aaaah they dont have one... there hasnt been any character development so far, the  main character is still a wuss unless someone is about to die, and the rest are just like drones playing along... the bad guy is bad for no reason and the girl likes joey only because he looks like the sister she always wanted... >.<

Overall 7.5/10

this series is good to watch only if you are a very open minded person expecting a simple minded story with no drama at all. and have a lot of patience when it comes to character development. the story itself is fun and speeds forward most of the time... only parts that drag are the fight scenes but still enjoyable to some point. if you are expecting to find a life changing experience or an epiphany as to where you are going in life.... this is not going to happen in this series. this is simply "good guys kicking bad guys butt".

any comments or trashing or even compliments are welcomed


9/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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carlos6 Apr 18, 2011


You need watch the other 16 EP, now with Stan Lee

metalu Feb 27, 2011

Well i do like the story even if it's a kids anime. so i guess it's good stuff anyhow

dcg87 Jun 27, 2010

yeah its indeed watchable but i forgot to mention something very important in my review about this show... that its aimed towards kids. so yeh...

knightcj7 Jun 26, 2010

its not a bad show, i agree with the 7.5, stan lee is involved in this show(he makes cameos in almost every episode) so of cousre its somewhat for everyone, as much as end of the human race shows can be i guess, the big complaint i hear the way the main character shouts everything heroman does...animes have been doing that since the black and white gigantor days, i.e. giant robo, getter robo, all the mazingers, grendizer, gaiking, voltron, gravion, godannar any dbz clone etc. its not the greatest anime out there but its not terrible either its a 26 episdoe series so id say give it a chance

Vinniesama May 25, 2010

I've been wanting to watch this, however, it seems to scream: "I'M AN AMERICAN SHOW! PLEASE EXPORT ME TO THE KIDS' CHANNEL IN AMERICA!" Nice review, though, I think I'll give it a fair try. ^_^