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Software engineer, computer nut, amateur podcaster, anime fanatic, and all-around geek.  Host of Otaku no Podcast, your source for news, reviews and commentary on all things anime and manga.  http://otakunopodcast.com/

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Carpinteria, CA USA

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June 20, 2010

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bugsy132 avatar bugsy132


Apr 2, 2013

I went to Otaku no Podcast and saw that you are a member of Anime Planet to so I desided to drop by

NimirRa avatar NimirRa


Jul 25, 2012

It's called chocolate if you read the post.~

chii avatar chii


Oct 15, 2010

Not pathetic you just need to start commenting on other people's profiles too :D You got yourself a nice bloggy


dburr avatar dburr


Oct 14, 2010

I'm so depressed at the fact that I don't have any profile comments, that I had to go and leave myself one.  Pretty pathetic, aren't I?

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