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Honey x Honey Drops

Jan 16, 2012

Note: This review is not reflective of the manga of this series, which was actually very good.

This is another Manga-turned-Anime where the storyline, character development, and additional story arcs are completely butchered and therefore, the OVA makes absolutely zero sense. Unfortunately, because of this, it makes it hard to give it anything but a negative review. The plot is presented in a disconnected fashion, and without the neccessary background knowledge that is provided in the manga, but not in the OVA, it's very hard to understand just exactly "wtf is going on!?". To further demonstrate this, at the time of my watching, the top rated comment on one of the episodes was "so this anime begins with shower rape and ends with a guy in a kimono riding a go kart".

Zero character development in this OVA makes it very hard to understand each characters motivations. Kai is presented as a control freak and sex addict, and Yuzuru is presented as a doormat with zero braincells, who falls in love with someone who publicly sexually violates her.

The only redeeming factor of this OVA was the animation, and yet even that wasn't that great.

All and all, this OVA was pretty much absolutely terrible, and I wish I could have my hour of my life back that I spent watching it.

I caution anyone who is going to watch this to please have read the manga first, because this OVA simply does not do the manga justice in telling the story.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
3/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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Kaelie Sep 9, 2015

Normally I think of an anime and the manga as two different stories because the anime artists change a lot of the stories when making an anime out of a manga... but this time I can't do that. I totally agree with you. This OVA is really disappointing when you just finished reading the manga. The ova of this mangaka's other manga Kyou koi wo hajimemasu wasn't that good either, but at least they had the characters right. In this OVA Kai doesn't even play the game for fun. He actually QUITS a game. Like... how much out of character do you want to have it? o.o And Yuzuru... Well let I just say they're almost all out of character xD That's the most annoying thing you can have when watching an anime made from a manga...