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Tail of the Moon

12 OCT

This manga was so good that I literally could not put it down. If you dig shojo or romance, this is definitely worth reading. This story sort of struck me as a cinderella story. Not that the girl was poor in the beginning, but rather that she's a goof with no talent in the art of being a ninja, yet the leading male character, who's pretty much perfect in every way, manages to warm up to her anyway.

The story starts with a girl, Usagi, who's the great grand daughter of the leader of her clan (who happens to be a very powerful ninja). She's slow, dimwitted, and pretty much incapable of being a ninja. Her grandfather sends her on a mission to a nearby settlement that is run by another clan, the Hattori. The mission? She can't come home until she is married to Hattori Hanzo and bears his children. The problem? Hanzo wants nothing to do with her. It's a pretty awesome page turner, and the plot never feels disconnected.

The art was pretty good, at the start of every chapter there was a picture drawn by the mangaka of one of the characters in an outfit (Hanzo as a nurse, Usagi is a school girl), I thought it was kinda cool. Hanzo is drop dead gorgeous (so are all of the male leads, pretty much), so if you love reading manga with bishies, this one will make you drool. Hanzo is a badass ninja, one of the best, and so it's kindof awesome to watch him steamroll over his opponents.

The manga went into deep backstory for Usagi, Mamezo and Goemon, but didn't really touch too much on Hanzo's childhood, other than the fact he was raised by his sister and she was strict.

Bottom line: if you're looking for an amazing romance story, check this out!

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  • Story 10/10
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