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100% Perfect Girl

Oct 9, 2011

This was a very, very dark romance story. It seemed pretty light hearted at first, but the story quickly moved towards very dark themes of "possible" rape, betrayal, revenge, mafias, kidnappings, assasinations, attempted suicide, murder, and violent relationships.

The ending was very good, but the story throughout was just a little too dark for my tastes. The entire story is focused on the two main characters romance, and how Jarte deals with his obsessive need to control Jay. Jarte is a king, so the lifestyle that Jay enters into is much different than she's used to, and she is often the target of kidnappings and scandals. It's basically a Cinderella story, but with much darker themes. So if you enjoy Cinderella-style romance and can stomach the dark themes I listed above, then definitely check this out.

?/10 story
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7/10 overall
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