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The final episode was posted online this morning, and it provided a fitting ending, though I would like to see more. This show is about a girl who goes to a music/idol academy to become a composer. Along the way she meets six guys who end up being her best friends and she ends up composing music for them. If you like shoujo, and love reverse harem with lots of bishies running around then you'll love this. The main characters eyes are kinda creepy (yellow, really?), but once you get past that, she's pretty cool.


The story was pretty simple... chick likes music, chick goes to school for musical training, meets a bunch of dudes, ends up being their composor for their performing group. The show tried to incorporate a weird god called Muse into the story, and it really didn't make sense. I believe it was an attempt to explain where Haruka got her talent from, but it was only mentioned like twice and then never mentioned again. There was no real romance or adventure going on in here, just a girl who overcomes adversity and inspires others to do their best.


I actually really liked the animation. It was very vibrant, lots of colors that stood out. And it wasn't like the animation stopped being awesome half way through. The entire show is colorful and the animation, I thought, made it very enjoyable to watch.





The sound for this show was AWESOME. Literally every song was catchy and fun to hear and they left a very good impression on me. The insert songs for each character were great, and the opening and ending were very catchy too. Below, I've linked a couple of the songs for you to listen to. I understand everyone has different music tastes, but I felt that the songs really stood out and just rocked.

The Ending (my favorite):

Jinguji Ren's Insert Song (SAXAPHONE AWESOMENESS!):

Ittoki Otoya Insert Song (my second favorite): has full length songs which you can download for free, as long as you follow their terms of use.


All the characters were pretty unique in their own way, and I liked almost all of them...except for the Headmaster, who's a total creepster who constantly substitutes in English, as if people who speak Japanese are supposed to automatically understand what he's saying...

This is the main female character, Haruka, whom the story focuses on. Her eyes creep me out, I really would not have gone with yellow for a characters eyes. She's your generic shoujo girl who messes up in the beginning and gets stronger as the show goes on. She leaves an impression on her friends at the academy because she is so kind and giving. Her backstory is that she had fragile health as a child and because of that, she had to live with her grandma in the country. This allowed her to learn to play the piano and her goal is to have her idol, Hayato, sing one of her songs that she wrote, which is her main reason for going to the Saotome Academy.

This is Ittoki Otoya, he's gorgeous and my favorite out of all of the male characters on the show. The show does not go into a backstory for him, however.



This is Jinguji Ren, he's a beast at saxaphone. No really, he is, and his insert song is awesome. His backstory is that he's a rich guy and his mother used to be an idol. When she died, his father threw out everything that had to do with her idol lifestyle. He is attending Saotome Academy because his family believes it's in the best interest of the family to have him be their poster child. He's a huge flirt.


This guy saw Haruka singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to a bunch of kids while it was snowing one day and decided to become an idol. Totally random. He's the silent, brooding type (think Kyoya from Ouran Host Club). He, like Jinguji is also a rich dude. They're roommates, actually and have been "friends" since they were young.



This is the teacher for Haruka/Otoya's class. He is actually a male, but he's super cute and always pushes Haruka to try harder.




There's several other characters, but I don't feel like writing a book about them. If you're interested thus far, you should check out this show. I loved it and I hope it gets a second season.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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MatsuoChiaki Aug 11, 2013

I wasnt sure if i sould watch this anime but after reading your review I'm going to start watching it today

Isumi Sep 26, 2011

Very good review, I agree in 1000% ^^