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Hey! Name's David Bastias, currently living in South Florida!  

I first watched some Anime growing up like most people (DBZ, Pokemon, YuGiOh, etc.) but didn't get really into it. I had been going to conventions since 2005 though since I grew up obsessed with comics, so I had always been around the anime world. A couple of my friends recommended me some Anime back in 2010 & I kept watching more & more. I have pretty broad tastes when it comes to the shows I like, I'll watch anything that gets my attention. I really love Crunchyroll because it's a perfect way to support Anime instead of just stealing it through torrents. I hate when people just stream illegal Anime & call themselves fans when they're just killing the culture here in America. 

As for me, I'm 19 years old, born in Connecticut & moved to Florida when I was 7. I'm still living in Florida & I love it here! I like watching movies, listening to music & going to concerts. I'm a big sports guy with my favorite being Basketball & Soccer. The thing I love most though is editing & making videos. It's something I been doing since highschool & I even won some state awards & a national award. I'm actually getting paid for editing videos right now as my job, couldn't be happier. I make youtube videos in my free time & you can check it out on my channel www.youtube.com/davidbastias. You can find me at almost every Florida convention, I go to every one, every year. I don't have that many friends that like Anime in real life, (most of my friends have never seen any Anime) so I'm open to meeting people online that love Anime!  

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