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Hey... My name is Dave. I'm not very good at these introduction things. I tend to use the name "Dave, The NEXT" on sites like this, so if you saw that name around it was probably me. I also use shenfier which is a combo of Shen and Fier two characters from my story. I like to write, but I'm not really good at it. The only thing I really finished was a three chapter fanstory of Cardcaptor Sakura. If you want to read it let me know and I'll link you. I don't know, I guess that's it for now. See ya.


PS: I may act and like really girly things, but I am straight, and I am a guy. I'm kinda like a lesbian stuck in a guys body. I'm weird :|

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Middletown, NY

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April 21, 2011

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animeforever817 avatar animeforever817


Apr 21, 2011

Hey Dave welcome to A-P ^_^

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