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Hey... My name is Dave. I'm not very good at these introduction things. I tend to use the name "Dave, The NEXT" on sites like this, so if you saw that name around it was probably me. I also use shenfier which is a combo of Shen and Fier two characters from my story. I like to write, but I'm not really good at it. The only thing I really finished was a three chapter fanstory of Cardcaptor Sakura. If you want to read it let me know and I'll link you. I don't know, I guess that's it for now. See ya.


PS: I may act and like really girly things, but I am straight, and I am a guy. I'm kinda like a lesbian stuck in a guys body. I'm weird :|

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Carnificus Apr 21, 2011

Welcome to the site good sir

animeforever817 Apr 21, 2011

*shiver* school days. I never quite decided if I liked or hated that anime. But the main character was just AWFUL!

animeforever817 Apr 21, 2011

Have you seen Higurashi? The first season's a little crazy with everyone stabbing each other and all the blood. But then its 2nd season explains all the chaos that happened before and the complicated story. Maybe you should check it out.

animeforever817 Apr 21, 2011

ahh yes the ever so popular Clannad and Air. I like those to. Its funny that I can like tear jerking animes but then the next day be obsessed with blood and horror animes. XD But thats just me. ^_^

animeforever817 Apr 21, 2011

I know right! So whats your favorite anime?