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Anime is my life. I dont know how'd i'd make it thru life without anime. It says put my top five any i'll never just have a top 5 and they wont always be the same top 5. I have seen so much anime that has been great in my opinion...lol. I lil about myself i listen to alot of metal alternative and techno but i like all kinds of music though except for country just cant bring myself to listen to it. I trying to learn japanese myself i know a couple of words and phrases from watching so much anime but i have some programs on the computer to help further my learning. I like alot of dark , and mental anime like deathnote and hellsing. I'm huge fan a vampires would prob be one if i could..hehe. I gonna finish school( hopefully soon) and get my Net Admin degree and then travel all over the world. Japan is deffinitly on my list might and try and live there for a couple months hence the language learning. Hope that's info for u, peace.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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darkodn Jun 11, 2011

AAAAHHH!!!...Seems like no matter how much anime i watch i cant break the 5 month barrier LOL.

sothis Aug 30, 2010

whats your newest sig from?

sothis Dec 22, 2009

long time no see ^_^ how've you been?

Compaqmac321 May 9, 2009


i havent been on here since b4 the last comment u left lol

when animeplanet shut down i found a site thats amazing

go to myanimelist.net







dnt tell anyone

but its better than this site lol i promise youll enjoy it

Compaqmac321 May 24, 2008

thas wassup....me and my borthers talk about anime everyday....heated discussions, about characters, charcter development story lines art style hell everything, i love anime and i watch top notch shows....feel free to jump in any of those conversations man