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  • Happy new year & looking foward to another year of blockbuster anime!

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Happy new year & looking foward to another year of blockbuster anime!

31 DEC

I really am into anime at the moment, I have watched more series this year than ever beford. I have watched some really cracking 2009 series such as K-ON, Fight Ippatsu Juuden Chan and Maria Holic. 

K-ON follows a ditzy highschool girl Yui who signs up to a light music club without thinking and subsequently finds herself with 3 other students who without Yui cannot run thier club.

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan revolves around 2 girls who's job it is to charge up depressed people using positive energy. They encounter obsticles such as Sento san's bat and a girl who like to make people misrable.

MariaHolic is a story about a lesbian girl called Kanako who is sent to a catholic school and shares a room with the rather perfect girl Maria, except Maria is not all what she seems.

Some other mentions are Clannad After Story and The melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Well heres to another year of anime!!

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