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I like anime that:

-makes you think

-is controversial

-is psychological

-is thrilling

-is based on the human mind rather than the sword, but I really do like sword based ones too

-if it is based on violence, it better be pretty damn violent and no sissy crap like reincarnating because of "the power of love".

-Really really good love animes.

e.g. Check my top anime, those are what all anime should be like.

I hate anime that:

-is gay

-has characters empowered by "love" when they are about to die. The guy has a friggin hole where his kidney is supposed to be and he gets up and fights with the powers of God because some chick with a rediculous rack says she loves him - don't give me that bull, the antagonist killed you fair and square so let him bask in his glory for once.

e.g. CERTAIN episodes of bleach, like Grimjow vs. Ichigo. Bleach is ok.

-has characters dramatically empowered because they fight for their friends or they "believe in themselves". Try believing that you won't feel pain when I shove a sword up your a**.

e.g. Pokemon. How the hell did pikachu beat onix with a friggin THUNDERSHOCK? Because Ash "believed" in him/her/whatever the hell it is.

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deykamol Apr 14, 2011

I read your "about me" and felt like I had written it myself. Completely agree !

KuroiHankachi Jan 13, 2010

Happy birthday! :3

mumijary41 Jun 21, 2008

mommio whats crackin =D first comment hehe