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Don't be discouraged by the official review. FalseDawn analyzed this movie as a stand-alone piece, which is a flawed starting point, since UBW is irrevocably tied to it's predecessor: Fate/Stay Night, hence his analysis is plain...wrong.

The whole movie moves on the presumption that the viewer is already accustomed to the FSN universe. That's why I didn't find its action or character development rushed. Actually, I enjoyed the movie mainly because it didn't drag on like the TV Series.

The plot itself is set on an alternate world and many of the character's roles are changed.

I won't write much about the actual movie but I will say this: if you enjoyed Fate/Stay Night and/or Fate/Zero then give this movie a chance and I'm willing to bet that you'll also enjoy it :).

7/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
9/10 overall
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darczon69 Jul 29, 2012

True. The movie is flawed and, having finished the VN recently, i would downgrade it more. But, rewatching it a few days ago, I remembered why I gave it such a high grade: it's entertaining. Yep, flashy action scenes and cutesy fanservice is entertaining in my book.

I didn't watch FSN or the movie for it's deep and meaningfull message and it's razor-blade sharp analysis of modern day society. Nope, I watched it for the zettai-ryouiki wearing tsundere mage and the blonde chick with the sword. :D Some series are not meant to be taken very seriously. Some series are just there to tickle your epic bone. If I want something deep and meaningfull, I'll just go watch Paranoia Agent, SEL or GITS again.

That being said, I also stand by my judgement: you should watch FSN first and if you enjoyed it, you'll also enjoy this one. :)

Fuzzeh Jul 19, 2012

If the movie was ment to be watched only by people who are familiar with the serries, they wasted 30 minutes in the begining introducing how the system worked and introducing characters who everyone should know. The begining was the only part that made any sense. Afterwards they withdrew all characters personalities and motivating factors and replaced them with flashy fight scenes and fan service. I'm sorry, I do not believe back to back fight scenes qualifiy for a 9/10 rating. Furtheremore, I stand by the official review as being correct and for adeptly analyzing this movie.