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Mirai Nikki TV

Oct 31, 2011

This review is SPOILER FREE.

Also, I wrote this when there were 6 episodes aired.

I don't usually watch ongoing anime (except for Fairy Tail, Naruto and Bleach) because I want to devour a series in one huge gulp.

But I think I made the correct choice when I began watching Mirai Nikki. This show gets better and better every single episode and the fact that I have to wait a whole week to see what the heck happens next, only serves to increase my enjoyment of the anime.

Right, back to the review.

The story is very clear but, at the same time, very thought inducing. The first episode already oozes with storyline potential.

The animation (especially in 10 bit form) is exquisite, with dual lighting, shadows and extremely well done Higurashi eyes. :).

The sound (the Opening in particular) is very adequate, the hard j-rock succeding in raising my adrenaline levels every single time :).

The characters...Yandere, why u so scary? :D Honestly, Yuno makes and brakes the whole show. Yukiteru isn't that bad, although in the first few episodes has Shinji-like moments, but, overall, he evolves pretty nicely.

The atmosphere is suffocating and you can actually feel the character's desperation.

In conclusion, if you want a mystery/thriller show with good storyline (the manga is over, so we'll actually have an end), awesome characters (did I mention the yandere? :D) and pretty colors (I mean: good animation :D), you should really watch Mirai Nikki.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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darczon69 May 23, 2012

You probably are more objective with this anime than me...but I liked it. Call me a superpower anime fan, but still....it was entertaining. And that's what is important about an anime...forget about realism, forget about "character development", if the anime got your blood running (which it did for me :D), then it has done its job. If not, nobody is forcing you to watch it.

roriconfan May 22, 2012

"keeping in touch with it's survival game theme"

No it didn't. There was no survival in the finale, just shounen superpowers and time traveling nonsense that made the whole game useless.

darczon69 Apr 16, 2012

I did paid attention and the story evolved pretty nicely, keeping in touch with it's survival game theme. Sure, it had some plotholes and some scenes seemed over-the-top, but overall Mirai Nikki succeded in keeping my adrenaline up with enough cliffhangers and twists.

Yeah, it has its faults, but this is one anime you shouldn't miss, especially if you're into thriller/action and enjoy abit of situational horror (rape, torture, child molestation, murder etc). And yanderes :D

roriconfan Apr 15, 2012

The story only gets WORSE not better. If you were paying attention you would know it.

Nullsleep420 Feb 3, 2012

I've always been more for romance, tsundere, drama animes. I decided to give Mirai Nikki a chance after a buddy of mine told me about it... and just wow. It's bumped up to my 2nd favorite anime after Zero no Tsukaima. With 16 being out only 10 more to go, and every episode lands on a cliffhanger ending. Many plot twists throughout nearly every episode, and Yuno is what really makes the show for me. Definitely a must watch. One of the best animes ever.