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I love anime and i am obsseed with it. i am stll working on my list!!!!!

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Xtreme says...

Here you have a link for the first three episodes:




Jan 6, 2008
SweetAnimePrincess says...

thnx..lol.im sucha ditz...thnx u did thnx so much!!!^_^

Nov 23, 2007
SweetAnimePrincess says...

wow..im impressed ....the shows u must be watching must be pretty cool...

do all them have like something in common..

im really intresting in watching full metal panic..but i see there is more than one full metal panic

i dont know if they all are related....are they??

Nov 23, 2007
ketchupdemon says...

Ahh!!! Where are you watching your mar episodes. I been on episode 52 since August of last year. Then all of a sudden all of the episodes got deleted. Its been more than a year and im still on episode 52!!! CAn you plz tell me...btw nice anime list for a anime fan of your age...

Nov 17, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Nice anime list!!!!

You should fill out your profile and let people know a little more about you.  Did you know about the cool new signature option too?  I would highly recommend it! 

Oct 25, 2007