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Well, even though I do like the manga of Tsubasa Chronicle and think it quiete got it's own personal charm and note. I never liked the anime adaption. Yes, I dropped it. The adaption was kinda boring and ... well, don't worry. I'm not gonna make a TC review lol. I'm just drifiting away. OK, back to topic. That's the reason why it really took a while till I gave TC: TR a try. Thanks god to my fried, who told me to do that lol.



As usual Shaolan and Co. are searching for one of Sakura's memory fragment, they ended up in one of those many parallel universes again. This time it seems like they land on an apocalyptical world. The precise location: Tokyo(yes, the title already hinted that lol). They will meet two groups(our buddies from X/1999 just in their parallel world lol), who are fighting over one of the last water resorts.

The story is a more darker, serious and progressing part here by TR. Due the 3 episodes it's quiete compact and dynamic. One of the more riddle/surprise of the main story plot will be also revealed. So intead the daily journey, TR is giving some twists. While you are watching TR with interest, you will get a roller-coaster ride with highs, but also some downs. I do thought that the last part with Sakura was kinda well boring and plain compared to the rest.

Personally I'd say you don't need to have to watch the anime or read the manga to watch the OVA. But you will of course be confronted with some questions and confusion sometimes, because of the lacking knowledge of the background. But overall it's not very drastically and you still would be able to keep up. I'd recommend to read the manga instead of watching the anime, if you don't want to jump at the deep end.



The animation is quiete splendid, the backgrounds aren't in HD or movie niveau, but they are still detailed enough. I especially have to point out the awesome fighting scenes. The cheography and animation of those fights are really good and I'm really strict, if it comes to the animation of fights. The fight between Kamui and Kurogane at the first episode is the most outstanding from the OVA. 



I'm a Yuki Kajiura fan, so the scores/BGM is of course appealing to me. Fast and ostentatious strings for the action scenese and besides of that most time fitting pieces for the fantasy setting. Yuki Kajiura understands how to make her job totally, but it's maybe only due my bias lol. 

The seiyuus all got fitting voices for their chars. Some voices I like more (Kamui, Shaolan, Fye), some less (Kurogane: too deep for me, Makona).



 With only 3 OVAs you can not expect that the viewer be completely taken by the characters. The time just surely is not sufficient for it. But TCTR still manage to arouse the interest for some chars like Fye, Kamui and Syaoran.


A well-made OVA in comparison to it's TV counterpart. A must for a fan either if your are disappointed from the anime adaption or not.  And I would still recommend for those, who are not a fan (yet). 

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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