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Franken Fran

31 OCT

Reading this manga's 10 or so chapters gave me a massive headache. As a whole this manga was so-so. It wasn't very awesome and it didn't suck so bad I had to drop it.

This first 10 or so chapters of the manga however, was the first manga I find repulsive. It wasn't the gore nor the horror. It was how the story was twisted by the author that I find repulsive. For me, its like the lines of being human, ethics and good intentions were twisted in the most tragic way. I was particularly blown away by the second chapter. I thought that chapter will have a kind of twisted happy ending and BOY WAS I WRONG.

Slowly the manga broke of from those twisted tragedies and it becomes easier to read or less headache-ye to read. Either that or I got used to it. Don't know which.

Out of all the characters, I find the female dectective the most interesting character. It was obvious that she didn't like being with Fran and yet somehow get wraped up in Fran's medical adventures. Her reactions to Fran's actions are what I liked best about her. And Fran's usage of her to solve Fran's problems are entertaining too.

Overall I'll probably not read this again, I might try the author's other work though but might avoid those tagged with tragedy in them.

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Zearth avatar Zearth
Oct 25, 2013

I dont know about you, but tragedy in this manga is what keeps me going... without tragedy manga would be normal and bored,, thats why i like good horror-tragedy manga :) they are just the best...

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