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  • Bokurano, you've ripped my heart to shreds -- __ times

Bokurano, you've ripped my heart to shreds -- __ times

22 DEC

*Spoiler Warning*

The saying "a little goes a long way" is very true when it comes to the show "Bokurano". I'm going to need a long time to recover from this show. Mohiro Kitoh, the writer of the manga, must have seen the lowest of lows in his life. Watching Bokurano is like watching 15 different versions of "Grave of the Fireflies" consecutively. Each character is developed so perfectly in that you learn of the essence of their being, and their stories are melded seamlessly into the plot line. Their personal lives speak volumes about society today. And yet they are just like the children you see every day on the street, in the store, or at school (who never speak of the pain they go through in life). And it tears you to shreds to see their fall one by one. This is a brilliant show, but not one I would recommend.

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