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Marxorz avatar Marxorz


Oct 4, 2013

Alright fair point.I'm glad we solved this healthily.

Marxorz avatar Marxorz


Oct 4, 2013

I never said quanitity meant quality I just said since he's seen more anime it's understandable  why he's so critical/picky.

I don't agree with every single thing the guy says.

You're in pretty hot water yourself mate deducing that someone  doesn't know "good anime" just because he probably gave one of your favs a bad score.

Marxorz avatar Marxorz


Oct 1, 2013

Reply to your comment on rori's review of AOT.

Well it's his way of scoring anime not yours.Plus he's seen 1700+ anime so it's understandable why he's so critical.So he's not a troll/hater just overly-critical.

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