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I'm a closet anime watcher.

I love to watch anime but don't talk about it at school or with my friends or family.

I have a new found love for cosplay because of how detailed and amazing the costumes are, and I do really love the nice cosplay website.

I like to draw cartoon characters, superhereos, and actors, and sometimes i try my hand at anime characters. My first anime was Sailor Moon, but I didn't know it was anime until later on when my sisters friend was watching Naruto and she said it was anime, and I figured out that Sailor Moon was anime too cause they had similar enough styles. I love shounen anime, which isn't that normal for a girl, but I just do, plot does matter to me, but when it comes down to it, I just want comedy and action. Don't get me wrong, I love Scifi and supernatural stuff with plot line, but when I really want something to get my blood pumping I watch something like Naruto, One Piece, or Bleach.

Favorite Anime Character Ever: Zoro(look below he holds three swords, which is amazing)

My standards for rating: (I rate based on my love for it, I'm not that huge of a critic)

5- Masterpiece, I loved it with all of my heart, Definatly worth rewatching

4.5- Perfect-ish, Could of been better, but I still loved it with all of my heart, to rewatch

4- Great anime, Could of been better, Wish there was more, worth rewatching

3.5- A little better than average, Entertaining, not the best story, May rewatch

3- Average. Entertaining, somewhat. Chances are slim to rewatch this anime.

2.5- Its crap, but I put up with it, will not rewatch at all.

2- More crap then 2.5, Could barely put up with it, will not rewatch at all.

1.5- Hate it so much. I wish I didn't watch it.

1- Ew. Complete and Utter crap.

.5- UGG. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. Complete and Utter CRAP.

My standards for want to watch, won't watch, stalled and dropped.

Want to watch- I seriously want to watch this anime... Sometimes it has a bad rating, but I'm a daring type and I want to check it out on my own. The anime might also have an incredible manga, so I might watch those too. I might watch it soley because it was created by a favorite mangaka of mine.

Won't Watch- Will not watch. This may be because I don't like the description, It has an extermly low rating with extremly bad reviews, I don't like the genres its in at all, or I watched the anime before it, and hated it utterly.

Stalled- An anime that I like and want to continue, but I forgot about it, and I'm watching another anime. Will eventually be back on my Watching list. Or, I liked the first episode, but doesn't seem good enough to be worth my time at the moment, so I will just stall on it, and When I do have time, I will watch it.

Dropped- Most likely, hated it completly. Some chance of me watching it. Might pick it back up because I'm intrested in trying to watch it again.

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michaelajoyxx says...

Thank you!

Oct 28, 2010
kruczowlosa says...

like? yeah, a lot! ^^

Oct 27, 2010
goddesanime says...

Seinen, Shoujo and Drama... u¿? ^^

Oct 26, 2010
kruczowlosa says...

thank you, I like it too~

Oct 26, 2010
NyaKiwi says...

Hello :)

I like your avatar and was wondering where it is from?

I see you like ergo proxy, it is amazing and doesn't get enough credit! :D

Out of curiousity have you seen the Ova "she and her cat" ?

It is a favourite of mine and highly recommend it to you.

Oct 25, 2010