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I'm a closet anime watcher, meaning, I love to watch anime but don't talk about it with my friends or family very often and i'm completely incognito about it.

I have a new found love for cosplay because of how detailed and amazing the costumes are, I AM not into actually cosplaying or going to conventions though. I may be REALLY into it, but I just can't see myself being with a lot of people who think they're right about anime. It's all subjective and oppinionated. I also have an anxiety disorder, so that wouldn't help at a big convention like Sakura Con.

I Do like to draw cartoon characters, superhereos, and actors, and sometimes i try my hand at anime characters. Lately, I've been drawing them to get my own manga like style.

See, I have a deviantart: Dakotasapphire

And I drew Hikki [not proportionally accurate, but I like to draw my own way haha] :

I also drew FREE [Soul Eater]

 My first anime that I actually remember watching was Sailor Moon, but I didn't know it was anime until later on when my sisters friend was watching Naruto and she said it was anime. I didn't know what 'anime' was before I was 11. I guess I used to be a wild child before who stayed outside all day [yey]. I love shounen anime, which isn't that normal for a girl, but I just do, plot does matter to me, but when it comes down to it, I just want comedy and action. Don't get me wrong, I love Scifi and supernatural anime with great plot lines [Steins;Gate, Ergo Proxy, etc], but when I really want something to get my blood pumping I watch something like Naruto, One Piece, or Bleach. I also LOVE certain shoujo sometimes. [Hana yori dango, Skip Beat, Wallflower, etc.]

Favorite Anime Character Ever: Zoro [One Piece] whom I've loved since I saw him fight on One Piece [years ago].I also think Kyon [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya] is magic, but unfortunately, I doubt we'll ever learn what his real name is [it's not kyon haha].


My standards for rating: (I rate based on my love for it, I'm not that huge of a critic)

5- Masterpiece, I loved it with all of my heart, Definatly worth rewatching

4.5- Perfect-ish, Could of been better, but I still loved it with all of my heart, to rewatch

4- Great anime, Could of been better, Wish there was more, worth rewatching

3.5- A little better than average, Entertaining, not the best story, May rewatch

3- Average. Entertaining, somewhat. Chances are slim to rewatch this anime.

2.5- Its crap, but I put up with it, will not rewatch at all.

2- More crap then 2.5, Could barely put up with it, will not rewatch at all.

1.5- Hate it so much. I wish I didn't watch it.

1- Ew. Complete and Utter crap.

.5- UGG. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. Complete and Utter CRAP.

My standards for want to watch, won't watch, stalled and dropped.

Want to watch- I seriously want to watch this anime... Sometimes it has a bad rating, but I'm a daring type and I want to check it out on my own. The anime might also have an incredible manga, so I might watch those too. I might watch it soley because it was created by a favorite mangaka of mine.

Won't Watch- Will not watch. This may be because I don't like the description, It has an extermly low rating with extremly bad reviews, I don't like the genres its in at all, or I watched the anime before it, and hated it utterly.

Stalled- An anime that I like and want to continue, but I forgot about it, and I'm watching another anime. Will eventually be back on my Watching list. Or, I liked the first episode, but doesn't seem good enough to be worth my time at the moment, so I will just stall on it, and When I do have time, I will watch it.

Dropped- Most likely, hated it completly. Some chance of me watching it. Might pick it back up because I'm intrested in

trying to watch it again.

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KiraRin Aug 3, 2010

Hi Dakota, and thank you for your submissions. I see that sothis has already given you some pointers with the descriptions, and the ones I have been over today are still a little too short and need a lot more character personality information.

Also, images must be 130 by 180-200 pixels in size, and not taken from other sites.

Again, thank you for your contributions,


sothis Aug 3, 2010

Hi dakota,

Thanks for submitting characters to help make our database more complete. Unfortunately we can't put up the descrips that are being submitted, though, as they are too short and in some cases have spoilers (Akito) or are only plot-based (AMG). Have a look at the character descriptions for Bleach or One Piece (especially the main characters) to give an idea of what we're looking for. Descrips are hard to pass through moderation, though basic info like the images/names usually goes up much quicker :)

thanks, and let me know if you have any questions,


coffeebreath May 27, 2010

Sure, I saw the memory scenes, and how disappointing it was that they were not developed far at all! Maybe that is actually more developed in the manga, I don't know? Or maybe it isn't and in which case the anime deserves credit for sticking to the manga plot. If they cut the cliche bikini fun episode out and instead developed the history we saw in that episode, not only would it have been the right time to do it, but would've been far less insulting to the intellect. They dropped the chance to develop a strong history and bond between two characters for a shounen cliche - a sure sign of something average but a thing that chose to be average.

coffeebreath May 23, 2010

How can you have watched an anime like Berserk and honestly say that the characters in an anime like Busou Renkin have depth?

I appreciate a difference of opinion, however, at least it if is founded on something, my points reflect pretty darn well on my examples but you didn't actually offer anything to support your opinions.

I see now your favourite anime is Bleach, so it'd make sense for you to enjoy shounen in general and I understand why you would not see it as average but actually thoroughly enjoyable. Infact, Busou Renkin is probably the first anime I'd recommend to anyone who likes Bleach. Thanks for your comment ^_^

blackR3EAPER Feb 18, 2010

thats mad man, hows seatle, cold im tippin.