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Don't haze! Really, the first "anime" I've seen was probably Pokémon... a while ago, meaning years ago. Not too long ago, my work schedule had me staying up all hours of the night and I was able to catch some programming, specifically Bleach (new) and Fullmetal Alchemist (again).

Bleach intrigued me because the point I caught it in featured a different character or two for a couple episodes at a time. I didn't even know what it was called until I'd seen 4 episodes (never caught the beginning). I like it for the fight scenes, stories of friendship, bouts of quirkiness, and even sad/deep moments.

I found a site where I downloaded all the episodes and have seen it from start to finish in Japanese. I know much prefer to see subbed rather than dubbed anime. While it doesn't look as silly as live action movies, I felt the voices were off and have found that the subbed lines may be completely reworked to try to fit the targeted viewers rather than the original intention... poor Hitsugaya-teichou, he's been belittled the most.

I really couldn't watch just that series over and over, I do have limits. But it did inspire me to try to find more anime to watch. It's why I joined Anime-Planet, I like the recommendation database.

But I'm probably not the best anime fan. I'm not into the cutesy ones. Romance is ok, but I'd prefer it as a subplot, not main idea. Robot/futuristic(mecha) doesn't seem appealing yet. Animated or not, samurai stuff interests me. Drama/tragedy should be ok. And definitely, anything that can poke fun at itself. Suggest away!

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tetra Oct 15, 2007

Oh, yes I did.

Not that I remembered the day, but I a friend of mine had a party this saturday, and I helped him fixing food for it (since he seriously can not even make pasta). On friday I realised just how much I had to do =P So scream I did 

Lolo Oct 15, 2007

Ok so I watched the first part of the movie and I had to stop because it was so lame... I'm going to try and watch it again on DVD the quaility of the video on crunchyroll.com left something to be desired...

Gackt and Hyde look hot but the eyecady just didnt make up for the lack of plot

Fuma Oct 15, 2007

Haha, now that's an interesting perspective, I might have to pick your brain sometime and maybe I can suggest some good ones to you^^


JumpMaster13 Oct 14, 2007

Hi Dai!

[Is that pronounced "die" or "day"? If the former -- which is what I heard in my head -- I just made an unintentional rhyme. ;P Not really that funny, I know, but it struck me that way. Just my particular odd mood, I guess. ;)]

I can now report that I've completed my assignment: I've seen Kung Fu Hustle.

It was great fun! Just as you said, it was silly -- but silly in all the right ways. :)

Lolo Oct 14, 2007

Ok Dai I am going to watch Moon Child today at work and I will let you know how it is ;)