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Don't haze! Really, the first "anime" I've seen was probably Pokémon... a while ago, meaning years ago. Not too long ago, my work schedule had me staying up all hours of the night and I was able to catch some programming, specifically Bleach (new) and Fullmetal Alchemist (again).

Bleach intrigued me because the point I caught it in featured a different character or two for a couple episodes at a time. I didn't even know what it was called until I'd seen 4 episodes (never caught the beginning). I like it for the fight scenes, stories of friendship, bouts of quirkiness, and even sad/deep moments.

I found a site where I downloaded all the episodes and have seen it from start to finish in Japanese. I know much prefer to see subbed rather than dubbed anime. While it doesn't look as silly as live action movies, I felt the voices were off and have found that the subbed lines may be completely reworked to try to fit the targeted viewers rather than the original intention... poor Hitsugaya-teichou, he's been belittled the most.

I really couldn't watch just that series over and over, I do have limits. But it did inspire me to try to find more anime to watch. It's why I joined Anime-Planet, I like the recommendation database.

But I'm probably not the best anime fan. I'm not into the cutesy ones. Romance is ok, but I'd prefer it as a subplot, not main idea. Robot/futuristic(mecha) doesn't seem appealing yet. Animated or not, samurai stuff interests me. Drama/tragedy should be ok. And definitely, anything that can poke fun at itself. Suggest away!

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Blade2003 avatar Blade2003

Thanks! ^_^

Sep 23, 2007

Yes episode 141 :) When i've read 237 chapter of manga, i was looking forward to this scene :) It is so touching :) I can watch it over and over :) Oh and about Darker Than Black..I wish it wouldn't be true, but i think it's coming to an end :( I think that episode 25 will be the last one :(

tetra avatar tetra


Sep 23, 2007

I did ^^

But its rather hard to talk like a pirate in swedish, so it was in thought only. 

Blade2003 avatar Blade2003


Sep 23, 2007

Bleach is truly awesome, i agree with that. If I could give more than 1 anime on the same place in top 5 it would be on #2 along with FMA :) Good to know that so many people truly loves Bleach :) Your avatar is great too :) Oh and You should download 23rd episode of Darker Than Black..it's great.

Cheers :P

vivafruit avatar vivafruit


Sep 23, 2007

No I haven't, although I heard it was pretty good. Another movie to put on my endless "to watch" list ;)

sothis avatar sothis


Sep 23, 2007

Definitely received it. :) Sorry for the huge delay, I was heads down in the dynamic sigs (yours looks great!) and added a whole slew of them, but some are still waiting in the wings. I'll get back to you soon. ^_^ thanks!!

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