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Don't haze! Really, the first "anime" I've seen was probably Pokémon... a while ago, meaning years ago. Not too long ago, my work schedule had me staying up all hours of the night and I was able to catch some programming, specifically Bleach (new) and Fullmetal Alchemist (again).

Bleach intrigued me because the point I caught it in featured a different character or two for a couple episodes at a time. I didn't even know what it was called until I'd seen 4 episodes (never caught the beginning). I like it for the fight scenes, stories of friendship, bouts of quirkiness, and even sad/deep moments.

I found a site where I downloaded all the episodes and have seen it from start to finish in Japanese. I know much prefer to see subbed rather than dubbed anime. While it doesn't look as silly as live action movies, I felt the voices were off and have found that the subbed lines may be completely reworked to try to fit the targeted viewers rather than the original intention... poor Hitsugaya-teichou, he's been belittled the most.

I really couldn't watch just that series over and over, I do have limits. But it did inspire me to try to find more anime to watch. It's why I joined Anime-Planet, I like the recommendation database.

But I'm probably not the best anime fan. I'm not into the cutesy ones. Romance is ok, but I'd prefer it as a subplot, not main idea. Robot/futuristic(mecha) doesn't seem appealing yet. Animated or not, samurai stuff interests me. Drama/tragedy should be ok. And definitely, anything that can poke fun at itself. Suggest away!

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JumpMaster13 avatar JumpMaster13


Oct 6, 2007

No, no wild flailing. I just stole a few of his more subtle mannerisms (hand gestures, etc.), as well as a bit of his swagger. :)

I picked up a copy of Kung Fu Hustle, but haven't, as yet, had time to watch it.  

Blade2003 avatar Blade2003


Oct 6, 2007

I see You want to watch Claymore :) However it's as short as DtB, since they were being released on the same day :/ so Claymore have only 26 episodes :( But it's still great anime, although it's quite twisted :P Because it was obsesively chasing manga to some point and after certain episode, it started to have completely different plot..i don't know why

Alucard avatar Alucard


Oct 4, 2007

I don't just like the inner fights but I also like the outer fights as well.  The one that I really liked was when Ichigo fought kenpachi.  That fight was really cool.  Another fight I like is when Ichigo fought Rukia's Brother.  A also like Orihime and her powers.  The one guy that attacks for her is kinda cute, I think. 

tasanime avatar tasanime


Oct 3, 2007

Thank you! My current wallpapers were taken from Battle Angel Alita when wallpaper hunting...

Lolo avatar Lolo


Oct 3, 2007

So do you like the new avi I made it just for you ;)

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