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I have been obessed with anime for about 2-3 years.

When I was little I watched anime too (Salor moon,Deul Masters,Yu-gi-oh,Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z) but never really loved them.

I am intersted in art, and also I enjoy the Volcaliods.( LOVE Kaito <3)

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TaigaDee says...

haha I've noticed you added all FLCL Charc. to your hate list ...

I did the same too XDD gosh this anime is really overrated >.>

Dec 9, 2011
Kari5 says...

Hey daggeronlove ;D

My name's Kari, I'm one of the moderators for the character database here on A-P :3 I wanted to say thanks for your recent photo submission. Most users don't bother reading the guidelines and we have to wade through piles of blurry or stolen pictures x-x So thanks for actually submitting a good one!

But, would you mind looking at the message I left on your submission here? If possible, there is a small thing we'd like to change about the image, if you could help that would be awesome!

Dec 8, 2011
gonio says...

i think you should try some other when you'll have time cuz manga is pretty awesome too, not only anime : )

Nov 22, 2011
gonio says...

I see, well, i thought i'm real otaku but now i guess i need to change my opinion xD but as i can see you're not really into reading mangas, are u? : >

Nov 22, 2011
gonio says...

wow you've watched over 100 animes so far ! and you've been watching just for a year? dude, you rock !!!!! : D

Nov 22, 2011