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<--Coming soon, when i can be bothered hehe XD-->

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XcanaXalberona says...

Hiya ^^ how're you?

Apr 1, 2014
MageOnx says...

Sorry for a late reply. ^^' 

You have a point there. :p 

Wow, I see... :D I would like to see some of your work as a designer sometime, if it's okay. ^^' I can barely operate Photoshop and Illustrator, and my sense of digital-photo-to-printed-image stuff is horrible. XD You're also the first upperclassman I know, I haven't met anyone from my university yet. ^^' I have no idea when they attend class. Xp 

It's always good to have a backup job when it comes to creative trades, I agree. Xp Busniess management will be meritable to you as a graphic designer too, it's like subbing doctor to a sword fighter in RPGs. XDXD Nonetheless, "go for what you like" is the way, right? :3 

No problem. Sorry that this time is a little late. :p

Mar 20, 2014
Soccerlove180 says...

Thanks. I hope so as well. =P

Yeah maybe. =) There's a study that people who have birthdays tend to live longer. =P

Ah... That's good they're aren't hurt. I hope you find a home soon. =)

Last year we had three cats, but two of them we had to put down because they were very old and sick. We didn't have enough money to take care of them. =( But a few months later we adopted another kitty from a friend. And so, now we have two kitties. They're both about 3-4 years old. 

Ooh... I've heard of both of those series. My sister and brother both watch the Game of Thrones. My sisters owns three seasons plus all of the books that've come out so far. =) Have you ever heard of a TV series called: Castle? or Leverage? 

Yeah. haha... I know the feeling. Sometimes you just don't have enough time. At the moment I'm playing Pokemon Diamond. Haven't been playing it much lately. =(

Instead I've been reading! haha... sort of funny. I don't read much but this book just sort of captivated me. XD Plus tonight I'm starting the fourth season of Angel, and last night I started the seventh season of Buffy. We switch them up ever other night. 

That's awesome! XD Best of luck to you. =) My uncle built his computer. And my dad has a costum built computer as well, although he didn't build it.

Mar 18, 2014
Soccerlove180 says...

Yep. Sounds like you might need it. =)

Thanks! =P 

Yeah. I'm trying to keep up on my writing as much as possible. Next month I'm going to do Camp Nanowrimo, and as soon things are settled I've already signed up for a six month rigerous writing contest. (should be lots of fun!) 

The 27th? I'll be sure to wish you a happy birthday then. =P 

Totally! It was just so adorable as it followed us along the side of the road. Haha, I understand her feelings. Of course I only have 2 cats.

Ah, I see. Honestly, I've been really enjoying rewatching Buffy and Angel. I haven't been watching much anime because of them though. =P The last time I watched anime was sometime last week. I watched one of those samurai anime, and about four or five episodes of OHSHC, on Netflix. My computer was in the shop for about a day, so I watched them on my 3DS.

Sounds fun. =) 

Yeah. That can happen. Practice is always a good thing to do. 

Oh, yes. You should definitely set some times aside for drawing. When you do make a new account please let me know, I'd like to follow you again. =) XP

Mar 14, 2014
Soccerlove180 says...

Crunch time, that sounds fun. Best of luck to you! =)

Hmm... I've been doing pretty good. I turned twenty on the 8th. Mostly just been listening to music and reading stories on Figment. I've also been working on entering writing contests. I'm starting to lose all of my creative jucies though... -.- 

Oh... today I went for a fairly long walk with my brothers. We stumbled upon a group of kittens. One of them followed us for most of the walk.

It's not anime but, have you ever heard of the tv series called Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I've been sort of rewatching that series -with my siblings- and already we're on season 6th season of Buffy, and the 3d season of Angel. =P

So with what freetime you do have, what exactly have you been doing? Reading manga? Watching anime? Just random stuff, like AP comments and such?

Mar 11, 2014