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Rave Master

Aug 1, 2012

 I started reading Rave Master after I started reading and watching Fairy Tail. I had high expectations for it since it was another one of Hiro Mashima's works. So when I read the first 100 chapters I wasn't disappointed at all!

 The story is really good and it's very easy to get into it. It's very simple. Boy lives happily with his sister on an island, he meets a strange old man with a powerful weapon and he gets drawn in the old man's mission. The story is not complex at all and is really easy to understand. It is also very good and as it progresses there are some very nice revelations.

 The art is probably the only thing I didn't really enjoy that much. It's okay and it's not something that'll get you to dislike the manga but I believe Hiro could have done a better job. Still the art is decent enough and it's not a huge problem.

 The characters are really good too. There's unique ones like Elie, funny ones like Griff and bold ones like Haru and Musica. The good characters can be different in some aspects but they all share one trait and that's their adventurous side. The villains are also quite unique. The first major villain Gale Raregroove is one of those villains that had it rough in his past but at the end he turned out to be a good person deep down. I haven't really read the whole series so I can't say anything else about the villains but from what I've seen they are all different from each other.

Overall from the 105 chapters I've read of Rave Master I can honestly say it is a very good fantasy/adventurous manga and I would recommend it to anyone that likes those genres. I'm currently not reading it because I would like to save it for when I have nothing to read but I will continue reading it in the future for sure! 

10/10 story
7/10 art
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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