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a general review on magi, up to all the current released episodes (18).

I really want to love this anime, but I can't. The characters are really cute, the animation is beautifully smooth, but I just can't like this anime. Being honest with myself here, the story is awful. I feel like the only reason I am still keeping up to this anime is because its animation is so bright and colorful and eye-pleasing to watch.

Oftentimes I find myself falling asleep while watching this anime. Its plot is extremely predictable and thus boring (although there are small twists sprinkled here and there). True, the plot is darker than it seems, but it just seems way too predictable to me. Plus, even though Ali Baba is hilarious, I find myself wanting to punch him in the face because he can't make decisions. Sure, that's how people are in real life, but I feel like the way that the producers decided to lay it out just isn't satisfying; I feel like that aspect of Ali Baba is forced...Somtimes he is breaking down, which feels quite annoying because it seems unnatural, and other times he looks like the most confident person ever......I just don't find his character convincing. Also, it bothers me how upbeat Aladdin is. I guess it's meant to be that way to be childish, but still, it feels quite cliche and unoriginal. 

I am currently in the process of reading the manga and I find that the manga is MUCH more enjoyable than the anime. I hate to be saying this, but I find the anime overrated. It is probably that I prefer serious anime more, but if you are looking for something recent and GOOD, watch Shinsekai Yori. 

Overall, watch Magi if you have nothing else to do and just want something easy to watch. Don't be expecting anything serious here. It's just lighthearted, childish fun.

cheers! uwu

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9/10 animation
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5/10 overall
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theSentinel Jan 8, 2014

I kinda of agree with both of you.  Kio you brought up shinji ikari and shu ouma.  I think Alibaba is more like shinji.  I hated shinji, because sure he questioned himself and that can be a convincing aspect, but he never grew or matured.  Shu Ouma was unsure at first, but by the end of the series he was strong and mature.  It seemed to me that Alibaba wasnt going anywhere in terms of character building.

Aladdin was just like you said, too upbeat.  although something else bothered me about him too.  At times it seemed like he had no idea what he was talking about, but then at other times he was the wise wizard who knew everything.  This contrast annoyed me.

lastly, everyone has problems and Morgiana's were addressed early on and I guess you could say "solved, but then from that point on she just appeared to be a total badass who could do no wrong.  I very much dislike characters like this.  The high and mighty characters who are portrayed as having no flaws.  I get this distaste from Samurai 7 protagonist Kambei

kio3459 Mar 23, 2013

I'm starting to feel the same way about Magi as well... Just when it seemed like Alibaba seem to accept it/stop questioning himself he still has those moments (he had another moment in last ep I watched 23).  It felt "forced".. Look I dont mind these characters aka Shinji from EVA and Shuu from Guilty (I like it when characters question themselves, it seems more real) but..

I dont know.. But the story has gotten boring in the 2nd half.  Either way, I do still look forward to the new ep ever week.  I'm on the same wave length with you on everything you wrote.  Lets see how it plays out in the end.