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Blast of Tempest

Feb 13, 2013

(my first time writing a review uou. i have currently watched all the released episodes, up to ep 17)

this contains NO spoilers! mostly my general thoughts on the anime.

To be totally, brutally honest, I am really attached to this show because the two main characters are attractive. The story itself is fairly interesting with all the twists and turns. I would say this anime leans more on the psychological side than the action side. There were only two battles that I can think of off the top of my head and that was in the beginning of the anime. I really love the mysteriousness, the character development, and the situational irony. The music is appropriate, characters are interesting, story is interesting (but sometimes confusing and disappointing...yet sometimes it is exciting and has you on the edge of your seat!), and animation is very good. 

The first half of the anime was more moving, more action and more exciting. The second half is basically relationships, romance, sitting and talking, etc. To me, the second half of the anime has gotten quite stale, but I'm hoping it'll improve. There are moments when this anime will have you extremely curious, laughing out loud, and crying. 

Overall, I can honestly say I enjoy this anime and look forward when it comes out every week! It's a very cute and interesting anime, but wouldn't really recommend it if you are looking for LOTS of action (from the first opening, I was expecting lots of action, but was disappointed umu). I just wish there was more action. I really enjoy the relationships and character development between the characters (especially Aika). My only concern is that the manga is still ongoing yet the anime is almost to the 24 let's hope the ending is decent enough! So give Zetsuen no Tempest a try! It's one of the best, underrated animes in its season.

cheers! uwu

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