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Let me tell a secret of my nickname; cum-ova-bee, so russian language has nothing to do with it.  Я знаю свой язык. (= I know how to Russian)

Nice to have you here, and so I have good time being here. I talk in both languages (RUS, ENG) and also Finnish mostly. (that of course meant that I write with cyrillic keyboard too)  

Dyslexia/fatia have lived with me too, I'll count them as my mental language and as personal talent of understanding my environment. 

Funny might be stupid, humour might be the disease for grown ethics, but it's up to filosophy too.

I really like the randomia of jokes while commenting, when I really could be anything while joking, ghosts, spirits, and I can't deny how much I include my life as the dream and with fantasy-themed stuff. 

Note while you look through my profile;

sweet how I found out this site being the tool I needed. 

Anime is one with someones' lives, it would make someone other alienated..Teh internets is srs bsns. Let me travel with those series with ethics, not with price.

thank you teh internet for finding this opening, I don't mind it's the series I haven't watched but I like the way it is and have been the melody from younger years.

"Honestly, I'm an otaku, do I call myself by that, no.."

Also, I'm on these sites; [t] [Yt] [dA] Idk why you'll need these but you can add me, but my Steam and Skype are more useless to know if you won't ask them.

I'll come back later on FB.

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Sianeka Aug 5, 2014

I have trouble completing those long series, and it is often that the number of rewatches can be high. I mean, I have still yet to get all the way through Bleach. I keep getting sidetracked, and then I hafta start all over again.  I must've seen the first 13 episodes at least 30 times.  But the whole entire series?  Not even once.

Sianeka Aug 2, 2014

I just found it really, really hard to credit anyone actually counting and purposely watching DB 99x.  I never believe it when I see someone has checked that - I very much doubt it all the time. NO-ONE watches DB 100 times on purpose!  And keeps track/count that they are doing it!

Sianeka Jul 30, 2014

Ninety-nine viewings of the entire series of Dragon Ball?  I don't believe it.  I'm sure it just FELT like 99 viewings...

Grach Jul 29, 2014

Perhaps. :D

Ah - math and visuals. Albeit logic can be a close third at times. I do not do well with these. 

Is alright, though - they are indeed; quite always nearly inseperable. 

Grach Jul 27, 2014

That's exactly what it refers to; the only issue is that the message is a holdover from the old version of the site and needs to be fixed (which it will, apparently).

Have unfortunately not done well with at least two of those. :\

...namely maths and visual/creativity. Logic is...shoddy now and then, though. ^^;