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6 Shuffle!

7 Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

8 She and her cat

9 Last exile

10 love hina

11 please teacher

12 Mahoraba Heartful Days

13 Aishiteruze Baby

14 pita ten

15 Cowboy bebop

16 welcome to the NHK

(note: these arent really in any order what so ever, thats the hard bit!)

Hi, the names Tim and im a computer science student at Durham uni in england! been a big anime and manga fan for a number of years now (its great to have my own flat with my own, un port blocked net connection now, i can download fansubs again!)

Im able to pritty much watch any kind of anime, it has to be realy bad for me not to watch a series throught, but i do prefer intelegent anime, thinks that can make you think (monster, mushishi) and anime wich are just pain works of art (hibane renmei).

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VivisQueen Jan 17, 2008

Lol. Only watched some of it? Lordy, when it's so excellent. If you haven't finished it, I'd go back and do that. Judging by your Top 5 romcoms are not necessarily your thing, but it's a romcom with great comedy and unconventional romance. Hmmm *puts it on her list of anime to review*

VivisQueen Jan 17, 2008

Haha! Yeah, luckily I had a friend back home who kept me fairly up to date. I schlepped my PC round his house to get like 60 gigs of stuff. The things we do for anime. And the character is male, not female. He's Otani from Lovely Complex. The sig is of him and his friend Risa.

VivisQueen Jan 17, 2008

Oooh, a fellow Brit! Tell me about the internet problem. Am at Uni myself and could get hold of bugger all in my first year, and in my third year, I'm still having problems. Anyway, really liked your weird and wonderful sig/avatar. Hop on over to the Forums whenever you can - anime chat aplenty.

rockenroll4life Jan 8, 2008

haha, you seem almost the same as me. I will watch almost any anime, but for me it has to be able to make me laugh, or have a good story to it. Though I think I still would watch anything because I don't like to leave an anime unfinished. Theres only 1 anime that I've dropped and that was because I saw a remake of it (I ended up dropping Kanon because I had already saw Kanon '06). Usually even though I find some bad I end up finishing them just for completness. Like the anime "Someday's Dreamers", I though it was rather dry of an anime and it took me the longest time to finish, I ended up forcing myself to finish it. haha.

But I agree with you on the top 5 being an impossible task. It was very hard for me. Seeings as I always feel like changing my top 5, and have to restrain myself from doing so or it would change every time I get on A-P. 

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!


rockenroll4life Jan 7, 2008

Greetings and Welcome to A-P!

Nice list of anime you've watched. ^_^ Some of favorite anime that I've watched in there. What type of anime do you pref watching? or will you watch any type of anime?

When you get the chance don't forget to fill out your top 5 anime....speaking of which, what are they? Oh! and don't forget to fill out your bio as well. Helps people to get to know you better.

Anyways, take care and hope to hear from you soon!