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We are the CSU Chcio Japanese Anime Club! Loacted in the northstate of California, the Chico JAC is a small club with an average of about 20 people per meeting, including the officers.  Founded in the Spring Semester of 2003, club has been going strong for 8 years (16 semesters)!  We hold meetings on campus twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays (except holidays), and have the occasional Friday or weekend event.

Every Spring Semester, since 2007, we hold a miniature anime/manga/comicbook convention on campus atply named the Chico Mini Con.  With our sister club the Comic Book Coterie and J*Fusion we hold panels, contests, and provide entertainment.

If you would like more information, please check out our website at: http://www.csuchico.edu/jac/

(artwork is done by a former officer)

Our rating list is as follows:

Watching means these are the series we will be showing in club this semester

Want to Watch are Pres Picks that were voted a 5, 4, or 3, and my be shown as a full series in club.

Stalled are sereis shown in club for a semester, but we cut short because of the number of episodes or access to episodes.

Dropped are Pres Picks that were voted a 1 or a 2, and have a high chance of never being shown in club as a series.

Won't Watch are shows that have been shown on TV (basic cable TV, ie: Cartoon Network, SyFy, Fox, etc.)

If you would like to see all the series already shown in club, please check our watched list!

(P.S. If you were wondering "Who is this person in their avatar & signature?", well that's our male mascot, Courtney)

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sothis says...

Cool! Glad to see you guys are using AP as your list of things to watch in the club :)

Sep 17, 2010
omegafire132 says...

how could you skip all of DBZ.... i mean come on dude its like the bread and butter of old school anime!  =(

Sep 16, 2010