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I'm currently a sophomore at Michigan State University and am taking various types of courses, but I am undecided on a major as of yet.  I hope to decide by the end of the semester, but it might no be until the end of the year.

And yes, anime totally interferes with my work, lol.


My favorite Gurren-Lagann scene, episode 8:

Kamina: Throw away your logic and kick reason to the curb! Beautifully following the golden road!

Simon: If there's a wall, we'll knock it down! It's a road built with these hands!

Kamina and Simon: The Magma of the Heart's Final Ignition! Perfect Unification! Gurren-Lagann!

Simon: Who do you-

Kamina: All of you!

Kamina and Simon: THINK WE ARE?!


More quotes from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann:



"Don't forget. Believe in yourself! Not you, who I believe in. Not me, who believes in you. Believe in you...who believes in himself!" ~Kamina to Simon, episode 8

"Aniki is dead. He's not here anymore! But on my back, and in my heart, he lives on in me! My drill is the one that pieces the heavens! Even if that hole becomes my grave, as long as I break through, I shall be victorious! Who the hell do you think I am?! I'm Simon! I'm not my brother Kamina! I am myself! Simon the Digger!" ~Simon, episode 11

I'm an absolute sucker for epic speeches. XD


Some funny TTGL quotes:

"Would you die if I wished hard enough?" ~Viral to Leeron, episode 23

"It's been a while... naked monkeys!" ~Viral, episode 6

"Now then... I've come to reclaim my helm! That's what I want to say, but before that.... put on some damn clothes!!!" ~Viral to the Gurren-Dan, episode 6



A couple funny Kamina x Yoko moments:

Episode 1:

Kamina: A man must always confront another man before he kills them!

Yoko: I'm a woman though!


Episode 2:

Kamina: Shut it! That's just the way men do things!

Yoko: I keep telling you I'm a woman!

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tetra Feb 12, 2008

Nonono, It is wrong.

Work totally imposes of your anime-time. *nods* 

Kivan Feb 11, 2008

Hooray for Banner of the Stars :) and oh yeah.... welcome :)

Tachikoma Feb 11, 2008

welcome to Anime-planet!! great to have u here!!!! 

Reawen Feb 4, 2008

Just wanted to say welcome to A-P! I like the avatar ^_^