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#updated 2013.07.25

Lietuviskas variantas antroje puseje.

"Why can't life be more like an anime..." - by me (and possibly by many others...).

Life on anime doesn't represent actual life spent on anime! I often rewatch them.

As for my anime choice: what I'm interested in is comedy and character developement.

My languages: Lithuanian (know 99.9%), English (know 88.8%), Russian (66.6%), Japaneese (know 1.11%).

Anime fan since July 2010. Since then im a fan of anything japanese basicaly: anime, manga, music, pics, language even.

I am: 114 kilo, 1,92 metre height, massive - not fat, asocial, romantic, inexperienced, follower - not a leader, gaming, heavy sleeper, FAST learning (trial and error type), loyal, straight, overt (frank), almost unprovokable, forgiving, lazy, laid-back, self-centered (doesn't mean i don't do things for others), gentle man with no self-confidence.

Currently studying in VGTU (Lithuania) Information Systems Engineering (full english course). Finished 3rd year.

No day ever goes without music. I listen to it for 99% of the day. My alarm clock is music and i go to sleep with music.

Skills (like in games :D):

  • Higher determination (active)(can do any one thing)
  • Determination (active)(can do almost anything for 5-15 seconds)
  • Lesser determination (active)(less effective than "Determination", but lasts for 1-60 minutes)
  • Goal(active)(can reach a certain set goal regardless of pain, exhaustion, boredom)
  • Rage (chance)(greatly empowered uncontrolable 2-5second... rage; mental and/or physical; triggered when "Absorb" capacity used-up)
  • Happynes (high chance)(one of the moods; talk with myself loud, laugh...)(happens almost every day(as im writing this near that level))
  • Depression (very low chance)(one of the moods; sadness, hate of my past actions)(last serious encounter: about a year ago)
  • Cold ressitance (passive)(im cold in lower temperatures than most people)
  • Heat weakness (passive)(can't move in temperatures exeding 30 degrees celcius without "Lesser determination" activated).
  • Forgive (passive)(if angered, insulted or othervise offended i quickly forgive)
  • Deflect (passive)(highly ressistant to insults)
  • Absorb (passive)(absorb anger; won't see me angry uptil point where "Rage" triggers; year old events greatly reduced the capacity as a result "Rage" is much weaker now; dependent on people im dealing with)


  1. IT (movie making, photoshop, programing, gaming (play everything exept: sports and especialy horror),
  2. girls (dark, straight, preferably long hair, not thin, nor fat, not flat and gentle personality),
  3. anime,
  4. music (OST, Nightcore, Dance, Techno, Hardstyle, Ambient... everything really if it has good melody or relate to good memory),
  5. swords (Devil May Cry style (1-2 meters long))(have one home made too :D),
  6. new, exotic, tuned cars (hate vintage ones),
  7. huge trees, especialy on windy, sunny day,
  8. strong wind,
  9. lightning,
  10. speed,
  11. thunder,
  12. light clouds

Dislikes: (This list ISN'T arranged by item importance!)

  • plain people,
  • horror,
  • smoking (i dont smoke, heavent tried even)(dont mind others smoking only on occasions),
  • alcohol (tried few shots of vodka and some beers and didnt like it)(dont mind others drinking on occasions),
  • ugly ppl ((many models are ugly) im quite shalow... i know, but it can be compensated by good personality),
  • cant stand beeing watched by more than 10 ppl at one time for more than 10seconds (unless its in lecture and i know the answer to the question).

Greatest theoretically possible, but pracitcally improbable dream: warmth and closeness of a woman...

Thats it for now. If i sound any bit intersting please contact.

Skype: crusaderlt

e-mail: [email protected] (this was one of my first nicknames (2nd really...))

facebook: Arunas Butkus

YouTube: 0nEdge (starts with zero)

tel.: +37062819293 (SMS prefered)

Contact me anytime. Im allways happy to be of any use to those in need and happy to be noticed in any case. Thanks if You read through all of it! ^^ Thanks even if You didn't. ^^

If TLTR: I'm useless, but i want to be usefull to someone...


Moku kalbas: Lietuviu, Anglu, Rusu ir dbr mokausi Japonu.

Apie mane: 114kg, 1.92m ugio, masyvus, bet ne storas, nekalbus, bet isklausantis, nuotaikingas, retkarciais depresuojantis, kartais nearealiai linkma nezinia del ko, realistas, esu zaides ir zaidziu visus ne siaubo, ne sporto, ne "braindead", naujesnius PC zaidimus, istisai klausau muzikos, daug miegu, gudrus, greit mokausi (geriausiai bandydamas, ne skaitydamas), istikimas, heteroseksualus, atviras, niekada neturejes (ir neturiu (ir neturesiu)) merginos, pakantus, atlaidus, savim nepasitikintis, siektiek uzsispyres, vyriskos gimines tingintis pochuistas.


  1. informacines technologijas (PC: zaidimai, photoshop, movie maker, fruity loops, programming and more)
  2. merginas (tamsiu, tiesiu, ilgu plauku, ne plonos, ne storos, ne lentos ir savbiausia ne fyfos be asmenybes (gera asmenybe, charakteris svarbiausia))
  3. anime
  4. muzika (OST, Nightcore, Dance, Techno, Hardstyle, Ambient...  Betkas su gera melodija ir/ar sukelencia gerus prisiminimus)
  5. kardus (fantasy ir Devil May Cry tipo (1-2 metro ilgio, vienpusiu asmenu, ornamentuoti)
  6. tiuninga
  7. stipru veja
  8. zaibus
  9. greiti
  10. griaustini


  • paprastu populistiniu zmoniu
  • siaubiaku
  • rukymo
  • alkoholio
  • buti demesio centru daugiau nei 5 zmonem vienu metu

Nereali svajone: grizt i vidurines laikus, kai nieko nereikejo ir gyvenimas buvo paprastas (nors nesakau, kad jis dabar komplikuotas; ypac palyginus su kitu gyvenimais...)

Didziausia, teoriskai imanoma, praktiskai ne, svajone yra - merginos artumas...


Skype: CrusaderLT

e-mail: [email protected]

facebook: Arunas Butkus

YouTube: 0nEdge (priekyje nulis)

tel.: +37062819293 (mieliau bendrauju SMS...)

Kreipkites betkada, bektkokiu klausimu ar noru. As visados dziaugiuosi jei kas mane prisimena, nes realiai tj as esu niekas. Ir dabar rasau ir netikiu, kad kasnors realiai perskaitys viska ka as cia prirases... Na, bet man palengvejo!

my life spent on anime

  • 48 Minutes
  • 13 Hours
  • 6 Days
  • 3 Weeks
  • 1 Month
  • 0 Years

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WeenieWhacker avatar WeenieWhacker


Aug 17, 2010

Well, I haven't seen that yet, but you should try Baka to Testo to Shoukanjuu. It has magic, a little bit of action, school, comedy, and a small amount of romance.

lenkaaa avatar lenkaaa


Aug 17, 2010

U can see so many great anime :3 I envy, but "anime, manga, music, pics, language even" can kill and fuck ur brain xD

WeenieWhacker avatar WeenieWhacker


Aug 17, 2010

It doesn't work if you leave the comment yourself. :P

Make use of this site's many features, they sure did help me a lot when I just started watching anime, 

crusaderlt avatar crusaderlt

Great Signature!

Aug 17, 2010

YAY! A comment! XD

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