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#updated 2014.11.27

Lietuviskas variantas antroje puseje.

"Why can't life be more like an anime..." - by me (and possibly by many others...).

As for my anime choice: what I'm interested in is comedy, cheesy/happy romance and character developement. Best anime have OP main character that is not stupid.

My languages: Lithuanian (know 99.9%), English (know 88.8%), Russian (66.6%), Japaneese (know 2.22%).

Anime fan since July 2010. Since then i started liking anything japanese basicaly: anime, manga, music, pics, language even.

I am: 123 kilo, 1,93 metre height, massive - not fat, asocial, romantic, inexperienced, follower - not a leader, gaming, heavy sleeper, FAST learning (trial and error type), cold tolerant, heat intolerant, loyal, straight, overt (frank), almost unprovokable, forgiving, lazy, laid-back, (when not for friends) self-centered, gentle man with no self-confidence.

Tolerate nigh all sexual orientations (heterosexual, lesbian, zoophilia, pedophilia (consensual), necrophilia), except gay.

No day ever goes without music. I listen to it for 99% of the day. My alarm clock is music and i go to sleep with music.


  1. IT (movie making, photoshop, programing, gaming (play everything exept: sports and horror),
  2. girls (dark, straight, preferably, long hair, not thin, nor fat, not flat and gentle personality),
  3. music (OST, Ambient, Dance, Nightcore, Techno, Hardstyle... everything really if it has good melody or relate to good memory),
  4. force of nature - wind, thunder, ligthning,
  5. anime,
  6. new, exotic, tuned cars (hate vintage ones),
  7. speed,
  8. swords (Devil May Cry style (1-2 meters long))

Dislikes: (This list ISN'T arranged by item importance!)

Greatest theoretically possible, but practically improbable dream: warmth and closeness of a woman...

Thats it for now. If i sound any bit intersting please contact.

Skype: crusaderlt (have since like 8th grade, thus odd name)

e-mail: [email protected]

facebook: Arunas Butkus

Twitter: @EpicFailv2

tel.: +37062819293 (SMS prefered)

Contact me anytime. Im always happy to be of any use to those in need and happy to be noticed in any case. Thanks if You read through all of it! ^^ Thanks even if You didn't. ^^

If TLTR: I'm useless, but i want to be usefull to someone...


Moku kalbas: Lietuviu, Anglu, Rusu ir dbr "mokausi" Japonu.

Apie mane: 123kg, 1.93m ugio, masyvus, bet ne storas, nekalbus, bet isklausantis, nuotaikingas, retkarciais depresuojantis, kartais nearealiai linkma nezinia del ko, realistas, esu zaides ir zaidziu visus ne siaubo, ne sporto, ne "braindead", naujesnius PC zaidimus, istisai klausau muzikos, pakantus salciui, bet netoleruoju karscio, daug miegu, gudrus, greit mokausi (geriausiai bandydamas, ne skaitydamas), istikimas, heteroseksualus, atviras, niekada neturejes (ir neturiu (ir neturesiu)) merginos, pakantus, atlaidus, savim nepasitikintis, siektiek uzsispyres, vyriskos gimines tingintis pochuistas.


  1. informacines technologijas (PC: zaidimai, programavimas ivairiom kalbom, photoshop and more)
  2. merginas (tamsiu, tiesiu, ilgu plauku, ne plonos, ne storos, ne lentos ir svarbiausia ne fyfos be asmenybes (gera asmenybe, charakteris svarbiausia (mano atzvilgiu)),
  3. muzika (OST, Trance, Dance, Techno, Hardstyle, Ambient...  Betkas su gera melodija ir/ar jei sukelia gerus prisiminimus)
  4. gamtos stichija - stipru veja, zaibus, griaustini,
  5. anime
  6. greiti
  7. tiuninga,
  8. kardus (fantasy ir Devil May Cry tipo (1-2 metro ilgio, vienpusiu asmenu, ornamentuoti)


Nereali svajone: grizt i vidurines laikus, kai nieko nereikejo ir gyvenimas buvo paprastas (nors nesakau, kad jis dabar komplikuotas; ypac palyginus su kitu gyvenimais...)

Didziausia, teoriskai imanoma, praktiskai ne, svajone yra - merginos artumas...


Skype: CrusaderLT

e-mail: [email protected]

facebook: Arunas Butkus

twitter: @EpicFailv2

tel.: +37062819293 (mieliau bendrauju SMS...)

Kreipkites betkada, betkokiu klausimu ar noru. As visados dziaugiuosi jei kas mane prisimena, nes realiai tj as esu niekas. Ir dabar rasau ir netikiu, kad kasnors realiai perskaitys viska ka as cia prirases... Na, bet man palengvejo!

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Jet Nov 24, 2011

 You might consider changing your youtube link to some text, as it doesn't work atm :).

crusaderlt Feb 4, 2011

Concerning my latest profile update: added new skill, dreams and lithuanian version.

lenkaaa Sep 29, 2010

Pshycology... It`s realy interesting because people are interesting :)

They funny and all in this world connected with them :) I Love people ! xD With them it is not boring.

How are u? How is the weather? :))

lenkaaa Sep 27, 2010


When I ans 2 u, u can die - i think xD PLZ LIVE !!!!!

Yes, I know that  learn together 2 courses is stupid... but what I can do ?:D I want after university to arrive once again on psycology :)

 I like be alone ;)

I`m fine, but... I have burned my  language  :D IT`S PAIN!! xD