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im open to almost anything. when waching i want more romance, when reading not so much cus my parents might be buying them for me.

if you are curious about what my avatar is from its the main character from my fave anime called mysterious girlfriend - its probobly the only show i will re watch cus i would love to have a relationship like they do. its kind of perfect, you know old ways not giving in to hormons and just loving each others presents instead of makeing love to feel good with each other.

definitly an anime i would recomend even if you dont like romance

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Sianeka Apr 10, 2014

Hiya, it's been awhile!  See that you finished watching Suki-tte Ii na yo. What did you think of it? I've started watching and wondering how it is going to be...

Sianeka Dec 9, 2013

Be sure to check out the recommendations here on the site for any anime you enjoyed as well, as the site recommendations are written by members here who have actually watched the original anime and the anime they are recommending, and best of all, they state WHY they are making the recommendation they are making.

So, if you liked a specific aspect of an anime, you should be able to find another to watch that has the same aspect you liked.  For instance if you like the comedy aspect of Lovely Complex, checking the recommendations for Lovely Complex should show you other comedic romances to check out. But if you prefered the romance aspect, there will also be recommendations for other romances that stress the romance over the comedy.   Given by members who actually watched both anime in question.

This is especially handy for me, since I often want a recommendation of anime that evoke the same feeling as another anime I watch, rather than one that has a similar theme or similar character.  Evocation of atmosphere is not generally addressed in other recommendations I've read on other sites and I would usually then be recommended to another anime with similar theme but entirely different tone/feel to it.  I'm glad AP is different in this aspect!

Sianeka Dec 9, 2013

I thought Lovely Complex was funny, one of my favorite rom-coms.  But emphasis is more on the comedy aspect.  Still, a cute romance story...

Sianeka Dec 9, 2013

I love romances, so will put Mysterious Girlfriend on my Want to Watch list to get to as soon as I get some time.  High priority anime for me right now: I'm currently watching a couple from my WtW list: Darker than Black and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

(Do you also enjoy romantic comedies, or just a good love story?) - Sianeka

Sianeka Dec 8, 2013

I'm not familiar with Mysterious Girlfriend X, will have to look up more about it! (It's rather new; only came out last year) *grin* Regrettably, I do not always remember things as well as I want, so I've rewatched a few anime that were no longer fresh in my memory. And I'm always trying new anime!

(I really use the site to keep track of everything for me. I know I find itreally helpful for me, because I'm often in the middle of watching many at once!) - Sianeka