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Feel all the emotions!

Pretty much what you'd expect to see in this list and a little extra I guess. I've seen most of the -key- shows, but aside from the two listed none of the others really moved me. I'd describe most of the list as "tearjerker" or emotional although I didn't cry during any of those (srsly what's with all those guys on yt boasting how that show made them cry despite being a guy..... this is just as bad as saying only girls cry). Well to be fair Clannad After Story always gets to me during "that" particular scene T_T (not listed due to being Clannads follow-up). It's just THAT good! (Clannad itself is more comical but very important in order to get to know each character, so don't skip it!) These are all really high-caliber series/movies so make sure to watch them ALL! Though be warned, after finishing them, you'll have a hard time finding anything half as good! Yeah, they're that great. Honestly what are you still doing here reading this?! Get your priorites straight and start watching NOW! GO!!!!!!!
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