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Welcome to the N.H.K.!
Or rather my profile. At least you got a recommendation now if nothing else!

WE DID IT!!! Under the Dog is a thing now!!! I can't wait for it anymore, I want to see it now!^^
Anyways if you have no idea what I'm talking about take a look at the trailer below ;)

That should be enough for now^^ So let's get on to my proper profile~

Currently I'm busy being a good undergraduate.... or that's what I'm supposed to be.
Regardless, I'm an avid sportsman and have been honing my mind and body in the art of shotokan karate for two years by now. I might be a bit stiff after never really stretching my whole youth, but I'm working on it and I'm still glad I finally started this. So go ahead and reach out for the stars! It's never to late :)
And then there's the gamerguy in me. Although I had a SNES, my time began with the PSX. Through Final Fantasy IX I got into JRPG's and realized for the first time in my life," These Japanese really know how to tell a story". Many years later a friend of mine introduced me to BlazBlue and it instantly struck me. Since then I try not to lose to hard in some Ark Systems airdashers/animefighters (though I'm somewhat okay in BB, but a scrub in P4A as well as GGXXACPR). I really wish there were arcades in Germany >_> The competition is non existent, but that's probably only one reason I suck at it^^
And surprising as it may be, it got me interested in visual novels (you know how BB's story mode is almost a VN? well that's why). Though I've hardly read any until now... then again I'm still hoping for a western Fate/Stay Night release^^ That on a PS Vita would make me buy that handheld, or any other platform it'd be localized on. Seriously I can't stress how much I love this franchise! I hate it to not own the original source! (Well technically I could, but I'm not that obsessed that I'd buy a japanese game I couldn't even begin to play with) Anyways, be it Aksys, Atlus, NIS or the devil himself, I beg you to make my dream come true (oh and no region lock if that's even an issue).
I couldn't read a single japanese word when I traveled to Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto) in the late summer of 2013 but after I returned home I worked on my kana-knowledge and after about one month I ruled those guys! If you're planing on going there at least know your katakana, it'll really help you during shopping trips and supermarket visits. English alone won't help you in the least (I'm looking especially at you SEGA arcadehall employee -_-). Or your travelbuddy knows a bit japanese (which worked out just fine in my case xD). And I payed Omi Jingu a visit :D (Chihayafuru!!!!). It was the only temple I saw that wasn't crowded, which in turn actually made it appear like a genuine temple. Though that's probably because its location is rather secluded in the sense that there's nothing else nearby in town.

If you're browsing through my watched-list, here's a rundown on how to interpret my rankings:

5 Stars: Just watch it (or don't and feel bad about it)*

4,5 Stars: Really great series/movie that I totally recommend, as it delivers more than your average show and deserves your attention at the very least.*

4 Stars: Above average that has its minor flaws but still delivers. (Most of these excel in either story, character development or theme)

3,5 Star: Your run of the mill anime. You only enjoy it if it's your kind of genre. If it's not don't bother with it, it's probably just overhyped if you've heard of it.

3 Stars: Meh.... This might be fun but unless it's your cup of tea, avoid it.

2,5-0,5 Stars: Now it's basically just awfull and the lower it gets the worse the anime duh. (though I've yet to witness anything worse than Ikkitousen... and I don't want to bother with bad shows if I can avoid them)

*There are some animes I'm just a total fanboy of and can't review objectively.
These shows are: Bakemonogatari, Spice & Wolf, Dragonball(Z), anything Fate related, Angel Beats!, GTO and Golden Boy (and some others that might be affected by my history :P ).

If you've got anything like Beck, "N.H.K.", Chihayafuru, Kids on the slope, Usagi Drop or Hana-Saku Iroha, feel free to notify me.
I'd appreciate it 'cause these shows are right up my alley ;)

Funfact: If you're roaming around on yt and your running across someone using my nickname and avatar, well that's because it's me^^

P.S.: I love the game Blazblue, but the anime doesn't do it any justice. Never. Seen. Worse. Pacing. Than. That.....

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DarkFile88 Aug 14, 2014

Thank you for your warm welcome, and you are correct i do love and appreciate Angel Beats!.^_^

JohnOTactic Aug 10, 2014

dankeschön für den netten empfang. :D 

KareemBadawy Aug 1, 2014

Thank you for your welcome. ^_^

Ailly Jul 31, 2014

If you liked Usagi Drop, you should definitely check out this season's Barakamon. Its just as fluffy and sweet and adorable ^^ (and funny to boot!)