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Dispite my school work and upcoming exams I still manage to watch anime the way I do. Got into it about 3 years ago and have been a fan ever since.

Continuing my top 5:

6. Mai-Hime (This is really amazing. I watched it over 2 days, could have done it in one if I wasnt ill at the time)

7. Loveless

8. Shaman King

9. Naruto Shippuuden (its better than normal Naruto)

10. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Wonderful and watched it all in 1 day)

There are a bunch more by I cant be bothered to list them.

Anyway. I read more Manga then I watch Anime.

Thats all for now


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What?! No manga ratings?

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bakanene says...

You're right, there's always time for watching anime. They should teach anime in school lol

Jun 14, 2008
o0oDaisukeo0o says...

Hi! Can I ask you where do you watch all your anime? I mainly use youtube and google video but I dont always find what im looking for.

May 10, 2008
Kagekiba says...

yep lol im on msn by the way which might be easier than this lol

May 10, 2008
Kagekiba says...

yea i just got back from work and decided to check my emails

May 10, 2008