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My goal in life is to live a life worth living, which seems simple to some, but understanding your passions and dreams, then clenching them and making them a reality is where most people fail.

Constantly being told to make a choice between one or the other.

I am currently working in Film/Music/Animation/Design as the CEO of a private company, and spent alot of time now doing concept art for the movies/animation currently in production.

Been watching anime since my childhood days (early 90s)

Hehe who remembers The Moomins...scary.

Ive studied a few fighting styles ranging from Japanese Kendo/Kyuudo through to the Chinese Nanquan, then a few years ago I started up on traditional archery using both recurve and compound bows.

The next forms on my list are Fencing, Muay Tha Sao, Okinawan Kobudo,Kenjutsu,and Krabi Krabong.

I am also a musician and I play numerous instruments, lets just leave it there ^^.

Erm I speak a few languages and play a few sports (vague is it not).

Dislike mediocrity so I dont just go watching different anime for the sake of it, that being said I do my best to keep an open mind and atleast read the synopsis before chucking it.

Well thats about it, Ill have to start on making some recs and actually getting a top 5 anime up and running.


Would love for a Genre Specific Toplist seeing as you cant really compare an apple to a car ^^ hint hint


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kenshina Jun 20, 2008


Just out of curiosity.  What is  to live a life worth living?  You mean suceed to 'understanding your passions and dreams, then clenching them and making them a reality is where most people fail' ?  What's you dream, passion then?? 

I believe what you said is meaningful.  Indeed, it is something right to say.  To live a life worth living, for me, is to give my thanks ( that can be from heart to material, including motionl or act) to everything.  I don't think you have to live a life worth living.  I say, we are given a life worth living.

kenshina Jun 18, 2008

^_^ hiya!

You write english so very well!! o_o And you know more jap words than me >_<".  I should learn from you.

I just read your profile and nice!!  You work in the categorr animation?!  That's so aweasom!  =p I will make a manga once I'll be ready (I am working on it).  But I am not studying for it.  At the moment, I am sudying to become Math teacher at high school.  A math teacher watching anime (lol).  And you play instrument? How nice~~  I can't play any instrument.  I took few violin courses, but I didn't enjoy it (I almost break the violin while practicing).  I prefer to draw.

Leess than 5 mins into the first episode (ecchi)?  o_o Iia~  What a horror.  You are good person.  Avoiding that.  Usually, people will go after it, don't they? 

So you are from London?  The famous Clock Tower!!  >_< In the movie Conan : the Capsule Game (or something like that), Conan and his friends will play the role of Sherlock Holmes in London to capture JTR (Jack the Reaper).  It was an interesting movie. 

What's Veoh TV?  I will go look for it on search tool later.

Thanks for informing.  If I find something interesting, I'll remind you, but I guess, you know way more than me >_<"

Cha~ o

kenshina Jun 15, 2008

Wah~ thanks fo adding me into your f.list!! =D I am really honored!  I should put yours too then >_<.  (teheh). 

I too, don't or try not to watch anything pervert.  It is hard to get a good one without anything like that in manga..  When I am unlucky, I always get shocked when I discover I got the wrong one.  I really dislike pervert things!!

I never realized there was any verbal perverted thing  in Trigun.  Maybe I didn't pay much attention??

Slam Dunk << I read through manga.  It was definetly funny!! Kahaha... but I only read 2 or 4 chapters until now, so I hope it will stay funny!

kenshina Jun 4, 2008


you watch things I never saw! o_oI know none of them (flying house, red dragon, votoms)

Is it that good?  Maybe I should go and watch?

Trigun is sure good~It is as you say: "it still holds a place in my heart"

And you might be right about creating Genre specific toplists.

kenshina May 28, 2008


Waw It is the first time I see someone who has so many animations (mor than 1000)!

>_< Sorry, I just stoped by because I was just too amazed.

I like Trigun too! >_< No 1 in my list hehe.  c ya